Saarbr cken has racism

After 2: 1 against the 1st FC Magdeburg last Wednesday, Players of the FCM had charged allegations of alleged racist-motivated utterances by Saarbrücker players via a boulevard newspaper. The FCS described the racism allegations in a message on Friday as blank and rejected it decided. Racism have no place in our ranks, it continued to say why the allegations made affected.

The Saarbrücker emphasized that the Magdeburgers were neither charged with racist statements during the game against the referee on the following press conference. In view of this fact, the allegations of Magdeburg players, which were unilaterally charged, undermined allegations of any resilient basis, wrote the FCS.

FCS offers clarifying conversation

At the same time, the club asked the Magdeburgers responsible, to take appropriate measures that such non-revalable allegations will no longer take place in the future. Straight traditional associations have a social responsibility to fight racism rather than to promote him by emotionally charged statements. In the course of his FCS offered a clarifying conversation to create the allegations in the world.

Magdeburg’s coach Christian Titz had explained on Thursday, some of his players had reported him only in the late evening of the game day of racist failures and described them in detail. The control board of the DFB now examines the process.

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