Steam s reimbursement policy pushed the developers of the summer 58 to leave

Steam’s refund policy pushed a developer of independent horror games to resign indefinitely. When the policy was launched for the first time a few years ago, it seemed to be a good idea – and it’s always the case – especially from the consumer’s point of view. However, it is now the reason why the manufacturer of Summer of ’58 Emika Games has decided to leave the industry for a while.

Thank you for your support! He wrote the developers on social networks. _I leaves the development of games for an indefinite period to gather my thoughts.

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The problem comes down to the fact that anyone who bought the game on his PC via Steam can request refunds, without asking any questions, on any game she downloaded for less than two weeks, as long as she n ‘More timed more than two hours in the game. Unfortunately for Emika Games, Summer of ’58 is a survival horror game that has a relatively short play time, just 90 minutes on average. That said, anyone who bought it and played the entire game, can simply ask for a refund. Looking at Emika Games’ reaction, it seems like that’s what happens since the game’s release in July.

The fact is that my game, Summer of ’58, does not reach two hours of playing time according to Steam Standards, read in their communiqué. In this respect, a lot of returns on the game, even with positive reviews. I do not win anything to create a new game. Another horror game of Emika Games currently in development, from Day to Day, would have _pas see the day in the near future.

The problem with Steam’s repayment policy is not a problem for large game franchises, with two hours simply not enough to scrape the surface. However, it turned into a frustrating escape for much smaller independent games that are on the market today.

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