The soul of the soul 2D platform GRIME clearance one side of the chart appreciate the charming world view skeptical

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Are you a child of life or a demon king? grime created by Israeli independent team Clover Bite is already listed this month. This is a 2D action platform Clover Bite that combines the soul of the Soul Types and ** Galaxy Warrior Devils. Although these elements are not new, this is unique world view with the atmosphere, deeply put the author fascinated. Go out your own style. There are thunders but don’t involve major plots, you can read it.

Speaking of the soul, the restricted physical strength and low-fault-tolerant battle is a nightmare of many players. Grime is basically similar; sprinting and attacks are extremely consumed, not greedy, recruitment, and then come back to a grid, can be said to be standard battle.

This is based on this feature that is absorption. The enemy’s blood is divided into two kinds. It is unable to absorb only hard or grid. If the red blood bar can absorb the attack. This move runs through the entire Clover Bite, and the specific time in the BOSS war can also make it, and usually can cause a lot of damage to a certain extent, encourage players to practice using absorption.

The author is not a senior soul player, and I just need to habits for a while, and I will die after a few times. However, this judgment is actually relaxed than other soul Clover Bites, and there are also skills to extend the judgment time, and it is relatively friendly. At least the time I die is much smaller than Empty Knight, or Dynasty Blasphemous.

The Clover Bite started in a stone hole called a crying chamber, rock head, face hard shell, from the wall, threw the monster that was thrown out of the wall … full of various malformations, almost all Based on the combination of broken limbs, as the map is carried out, there are also many human structure in the environment, and the whole world seems to be a very large human residue.

Soul Edge Opening (HQ remastered)
From some NPC, they can be learned, they are absorbing so-called Tian Sheng, making the inorganic substance into life, but not every biological process is very smooth, some creatures are even crazy, or they can’t rationally think, only Can become the material of others – or your material.

Tiansian is also your health, with the storage of Tianxia, ​​can reply to the health, can get the acquisition of others, when you live to return blood, you will be quite stimulated by absorbing the enemy. You can also enhance your ability through the so-called integration point stone monument.

Players defeated the enemy or explore the map will get dust, which can be used to improve the life and strength (affecting physical strips), and there is also physical strength, agility and resonance to correspond to the corresponding weapons. Attributes. Belt, this work will not have life damage or the elements of the credit penalty, and it is also a relatively friendly setting.

However, it may be because of this reason, the skills required for the skill will be incremented, and the threshold of each capability point is connected, but it is said that when you have opened physical strength 10, you need to point 1 life, then you need Dine dust of its own level 11. However, because the dust has not been balanced, many players have reacted hope to reduce demand.

The weapons are basically the melee weapons, some of the special attacks of some weapons will have flyers, and they are also rich. These differences are probably the attack speed of attack speed and weapons. Some heavy hammers are relatively high and consuming, but the power is amazing, because the tension in the Clover Bite itself, some players may choose the speed faster weapon, but heavy weapons are well efficient than rapid strike types. better.

The Clover Bite also has costumes, but basically only decorate, and because of its art settings, many of the different ore and blood circles, it seems to be very similar …

Ok, the basic introduction is almost, next to talk about the feelings of playing.

Many players have the greatest response, and the most painful is endless running. From the big view, the author is quite like this map size, from the ground, desert, Shishan, Castle, to the sky, if it is a customs clearance Clover Bite of single route, with its worldview, feel more, the plot is more reflected. The class society, and there is no background to set the world, but in order to facilitate the player to play a sense of violations of the map size.

However, this conveying point is too small. In particular, it is also very much like to set up a lot of trap parking, not only very long, low fault rate, and there are many malicious design. For example, Ring Palace is a common high tower map, players want to climb up shortcuts or elevators, before this, your resurrection points are under the bottom. Sometimes I accidentally committed a low-level mistake. When I returned to the rebirth point, I would like to think that I will happen in the middle of the night, and then I will continue to climb down. (I think it is the taste of the soul)

The process of climbing is really not easy. At first, I will encounter new mobile devices for the first time, and then use your body to continue experimentation, and re-climb again. The most wonderful thing is that you will learn air sprint before you get this place. However, this aerial sprint actually can’t stop the fall, it can really stop the fall, it will acquire the second jump in this area. . There are a lot of routes that cannot be turned back to go back, and I will let you fall into the blood flow, and by the way. GG, I am still coming again after 21 hours.

Another painful point is physical strength. The too long map is very small, and it is better to sprint the Empty Knight unfilvous CD, which is desperate when people run.

When will the Clover Bite open the pass point? Before defeating the final BOSS. The problem is that this design usually means that you will more easily challenge some more difficult tasks or extra boss, but no. When you are too lazy to look back, the customs will rely on the transfer back to discover that those who have not obtained the ability to arrive, is simple to upgrade the basic attributes, clothing, or you can’t use the high threshold weapons, sometimes some The initial capacity can easily solve the mobs or medium boss. The meaning of opening the point after the customs clearance, there is only convenient to collect the election feature.

Another complaint is an unreasonable attribute requirement for weapons. You will usually get some weapons in the early stage, but you can’t use it until you customs clearance, the main reason is mentioned in front, the upgrade is extremely imbalance. This also enforces you to improve the number of points needed by weapons, but actually played later, it is not too efficient to enhance life and strength, and take it to the weapon attribute, but also strengthen the killing.

Why do you say no efficiency, mainly this is not a Clover Bite that can rely on props or skills. With the progress of the Clover Bite, the author has supported a certain life and strength. Every time the new area is dead, the proportion of physical strength is similar, and the top more allows you to hurrpen a strike. But it will be almost hurt when you win, because you don’t need extra quantities at all, you won’t be very hard.

One reason is that GRIME enemy AI is not too smart, and it is hard to look at it, but they are just random tricks. They will not be as good as some soul Clover Bites, and they have changed their actions in response to players. There is a lot of flaws and slow attack rhythm, even if the physical strip is only able to make a clearance. In the author, the number of final BOSS retry is much more than the second close BOSS.

Although there is the above shortcomings, this is still extremely praised. In the author, it is its fascinating worldview, as well as the enemy with the enemy and NPC, or can’t help but take all the regions, understand this world. The final ending picture is also beautiful, just don’t play the figure.

In terms of fighting, although the enemy AI is simple, it is only compared to other Clover Bites. You still have to overcome some enemy’s radical attacks, follow the environment of the four sides, for only habits to play the general action Clover Bite, want to touch the soul Players are also a good entry brick, judge the enemy to play a very refreshing Raiders like absorption.

Unfortunately, such a major map is less than I expected, there is still less. However, according to the last campico table, it seems that the DLC is inevitable. After the official list, I also actively listen to the player’s opinion, and I have updated it with hotfix in a month. But too little …) I also hope that the story will have more complete supplements.


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