Game monitors offer you a controversial feature players think that is cheating

Some game monitors offer the option of showing a cross. But some players do not like that, they think it is cheating. Others, however, believe that only beginners benefit from this anyway and that it does not matter in the long term.

It is known that unconditional shooters like Dead by Daylight or Escape from Tarkov are particularly difficult. One of the reasons for this is that these games omit popular tools such as sight. After all, in reality, these tools are not caught comfortably in the normal view.

However, for some time there have been games monitors that offer the option to show a cross directly on the monitor as aid. Therefore, this function is not entirely new.

For many players, the benefits of this function are obvious:

  • You can activate a point of sight in games that do not really have any and have a help and therefore an advantage over other players who do not have this function.
  • Since it is an integration into your game monitor, anti-traps and similar programs do not complain about use.
  • Since this is a monitor function, the help is not even shown with the shared screen and only remains visible to the user in front of the screen.

In addition, this function is not included in third-party software, which many developers have explicitly banned for their games.

When can this function help? Many average players are not as disciplined or concentrated as professional players. The cross helps to look at a central point that remains in memory. So this is not an aimot or any other technical support.

A look does not fit into the world of the game and draws attention to the center where important things happen. Beginners in particular like to use these functions to practice and prepare for competitive games.

Game monitors like East Asus can show a cross.

Is this function allowed? is officially authorized to use the cross function of your monitor. Because this function is not included in the so-called third-party software, because it is a hardware function.

However, that does not mean that it has to be really recommended to use this function: this function is very controversial among other players. Many players see that help clearly as a trap and they want those people to be expelled or punished in some other way.

The CrossHair function is controversial: For some players, this is cheating

These are the reactions: A look at several games forums shows how controversial this function is really harmless function.

This is how a user writes in Reddit (through

It is to cheat on games like CS: Go, where some weapons like AWP do not have a point of sight, so you can easily kill people without a viewer. I do not recommend using it if you want to respect yourself.

Another writes (through

Basically, for FPS games, it’s a bit like cheating, but it can also help you calibrate your monitor.

Many continue to think that this technical trick provides an advantage. Not everyone can benefit from him, but for some the little advantage is enough. This function does not count as a contribution to equal opportunities or as a clean game (through

People use it (the function) … apparently gives them an advantage, even if it is only one out of ten cases: Escape from Tarkov is a game without reappearance. Sometimes, this fraction of a second gives you a sufficient advantage over your opponent.

I will repeat it again: I’m not a look fanat in the game, but I’m a fan of the game clean.

Above all, the fact that you can hide this advantage and that is not visible to other players or legible for the game is what makes the monitor function so unjust. Some even go so far as to affirm: Why should third-party software be prohibited when such monitors are allowed in games anyway (through

Are there other opinions? Yes, because other users do not understand emotion. Because if you were bad in a game, this help to point would not make you a better player. This is how a user writes (through

The number of people who bother by the sight of a monitor is hysterical! If you are bad in the game … they will not make you better because they are imprecise … and if you are good … you do not need them anyway.

Especially the beginners who like to use such tools would hardly be seen in competitive matches anyway, since the skills of proven players would compensate for the advantage here anyway.

This monitor function is a good trick, but the emotion around it is too big. Other cheats would create much greater problems with their wall tricks and other things. In games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, cheats have been annoying fair players for a long time.


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