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The shutdown abandonment was one of the oldest assignments in the game industry. And the assignment has been solved a certain way on the last 25 days. I say that the string, the leisure, and the Ministry abolish the compulsory shutdown. It is about 10 years since the shutdown is first implemented.

But yet the selective shutdown is not abolished. Therefore, it is necessary to switch to the optional, rather than the expression abolished, rigidly. Indeed, in the domestic game industry, it is hard to feel the effect of regulatory mitigation. This is because you have to keep the shutdown system that we have so far. You must also leave an adult certification system to cover the youth, and if youth and parent requests, you must have a system that limits the game time. As a result of the overseas game, the overseas game, which is scheduled to enter Korea, is the same as the entrance sheet.

It is an opinion to prevent the side effects of the selector through the implementation of flexible system in the government. If you have your child’s management capabilities internally, you will see it as a shutdown. MineCraft Youth I will not make a right to shut up a junior user. Fortunately, MS, including Nintendo, Sony, Apple and Google, and all of them have children. However, this is only a pivoting basis. It is because it is the same that small and medium-sized companies must have that system.

The opinions of netizens are similar. Optional shutdown system should be abolished. Games Mecca ID Las Moods In the first place, the selective shutdown system in the first place is the system that is not a ridiculous system,, Facebook ID Lee Book I will open the door that I will open from the double lock. It’s a comment. Naver ID Games There is a solid closed gate for 10 years, so there is a comment that looks a little more positively like the current situation of the remaining gamers.

It is certain that this is a great step to do so. At least in the teen gamer, I was a little breathing. But there is still a clear thing. The child game time management is the part of the guardian, but the game is still in the law. I look forward to seeing the tenural junior yesterday a day.

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