The best gifts PlayStation in this guide to vacation gifts PS4 and PS5 2020

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The holidays are almost at our doors, and you know what it means! Well, in fact, the sense of vacation is little cloudy this year. For (gestures vaguely outside) various reasons, gifts that keep people inside will be valuable. This reality, combined with the imminent output of the PS5, means that the purchase of the PlayStation player in your life will be an essential activity. Fortunately, COGCONNECTD is here to make it easier for you. Read on to see what comes out and for whom all this is intended.

Japan has the reputation of being a little crazy. You hear all kinds of wacky nonsense about the country, some of which are disproportionate. Part, on the other hand, is probably due to games like the Yakuza series. Like A Dragon is the last opus of the Japanese gangsters saga, but that’s not quite what you expect. No, even in the Pantheon of Yakuza Games, this one is alone. The fast-paced fight is over, with a turn-driven role play taking its place. Each strange rumor you have heard about these games is true. The mini-games, the insane dialogs, the aesthetics, all this is as crazy as you heard it. Yakuza: Like a Dragon comes out on November 10, perfect for any player in your life who knows / needs to know the hidden madness of Yakuza.

Perfect for the flight stick player on your shopping list. They have the tools. They have talent. Now they just need a chance to prove themselves. While jumping in the Star Wars driver’s seat: Squadrons is even cooler with a Flight Stick and a PSVR Headset, you can also join the fight with a simple PS4 controller. No matter how you play the game, you have a lot – and I mean a lot – of air fights in front of you. Our review focuses on the extent of exposed airflow levels, but rest assured that these levels are high. Whether it’s the history campaign or multiplayer mode, you can offer countless spatial battles this holiday season.

Perfect for the fan of Star Wars: Squadrons in your life. If you know an X-Wing driver slaughtered by his lack of immersion, a good flight stick Hotas will completely tangle them into the cockpit. In addition to that, if the said fan already has the PSVR, you would basically buy them an X-Wing for Christmas. It is not avoir be the Thrustmaster model, but that’s this one that it really works with the game. No sense to give the gift of frustration and disappointment on Christmas morning.

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If you have call of duty players on your usual shopping list, consider this as an empty space on the bingo leaf. Each bite is filled with war, intrigues and betrayals that you like! Now with the icing of the cold war! I will not claim that this new entrance reinvented the wheel, but it’s a bit problem. Once you have patented the wheel, you can relax for a while, you know? It’s a great buy for Call of Duty enthusiasts and new recruits. The game comes out on November 13, but you can consult our many articles on the game if you want to refresh beforehand.

As long as there is someone on your list that has both a PlayStation 4 and B) knows what CyberPunk is, you can not go wrong with CyberPunk 2077. Seven years of development, this game places you at Center of a huge body modification / brutal murder / inflated power fantasy with neon. If you can dream, you can do it, as long as it looks and feels like a techno-dystopic clip. Currently on the right track for an exit early December, it should be there just in time for some last minute Christmas shopping.

The Watch Dogs series has built in this direction since the release of the PS4. Finally, the revolution is for everyone! Or at least, everyone in London that Inbisoft was able to program in the game. If there is someone in your life with Watch Dogs 1 or 2 on his shelf, the latter opus will hit sure. This new episode changes the series in a fascinating way, that you can read here! If you have already heard your friends and loved ones complain about the lack of variety of characters in video games, Legion may be the remedy they are looking for.

Who will want to play the next part of the Saga Spider-Man of Insomniac? Each person who played the first, to start. And probably some people who did not do it! Essentially, if the player Playstation of your life seems to be an impenetrable mystery, Spider-Man: moral miles will almost certainly reach its weak point for massive damage. In addition, if they have never played Marvel Spider-Man for PS4, it comes with the PS5 version of moral miles! These are two full Spider-Men sagas in a single package! You can retrieve this Smorgasbord Web on November 12 for PS4 or PS5. Click on page 2 for other genuine games …


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