Xbox in GamesCom 2021 All Microsoft Streaming Game Ads

Xbox is the great animator of this Gamescom . Although it is one more year without the presence of publishers and developers in the Showfloor of Cologne, Microsoft does not fail the appointment as much as this is digital. We have been able to see many interesting games, with an important part of them landing in the Xbox Game Pass service. From independent titles to games FIRST Party as Flying Simulator or

It is worth entertaining ourselves with a word, we go with all the news that has left this important direct in the middle of summer.

Dying Light 2 shows a new trailer

We have been able to see a new trailer of Dying Light 2, which is about to leave (November 7). In this footage we have been able to see a new very popular tool in modern video games: the hook.

Humble Games arrives at Xbox Game Pass

Since the day of launch, we can enjoy these independent titles as interesting. Huge news for the fans of Indies with subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

Age of Empires IV will have educational videos

One of the videos that have shown us has been that of Trebuchet, a key siege unit in the saga. Good news for the crazy of the story with desire to play the age of empires.

Sea of ​​Thieves receive a Borderlands event

We have to go to Pandora to look for new treasures. This is the collaboration that has just been announced in the pirate game. Event already available in the Rare game.

Xbox Cloud for Xbox One

Huge news for Xbox One players, who can have new generation games on your machine thanks to the game in the cloud.

One of the strong dishes was a talk with Tim Schafer, Director of Psychonauts 2. You can read our game analysis.

The Gunk.

This adventure game will arrive in December and will explore a strange world with the help of our powerful and versatile Gantelet.

Forza Horizon to close

Eight minutes from Gameplay and a customized command have been the attractions of the end of a discreet conference on the part of Microsoft in this GamesCom. Of course, Forza Horizon 5 looks incredible.


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