15 video game trends that have aroused your interest

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Movement What now?

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Full body motion controls

Microsoft has regarded the Wii of Nintendo exactly and decided to go a step further with Kinect. And really, for a while it seemed a great idea. A way to play without key inputs, where your body itself is the controller? For a medium that rotates about interactivity and immersion, it almost seemed to be perfect. But it really was not. Because there were literally no developer who wanted to use what Kinect had to offer or could use. Even beyond, we realize that as a gamer we prefer to get at least a kind of tactile feedback from our controllers. A game that we control with our body and our actions sounds great on the paper, but as Kinect has shown us, it does not take so much fun.

Stereoscopic 3D

Immediately at the time, as the motion control and the wobble control ground, stereoscopic 3D became a huge problem. After Sony, thanks to James Cameron’s Avatar and all the films that occurred in his footsteps had achieved successes in films, it decided to develop a suite with stereoscopic 3D for the PS3. Nintendo decided to integrate 3D in the latest handheld, the 3DS, and release the 3D glasses. Of course, some games on both systems (for example Killzone 3 on the PS3 and Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS) have used this technology well, but it was really the new way to play games as Sony and Nintendo seem to be superior You at the time? No it was not.


It was about the time when the N64 and the original Playstation conquered the world in the storm, with the then groundbreaking technology for home consoles, with the games really started to experiment as they told their stories. Finally, the medium with the added benefit of polygonal 3D was better than ever to tell stories. Some developers – indeed too many – were of the opinion that these polygonal graphics are not good enough, and decided to use full-motion video intermediate sequences (FMV) in their games. And while it appeared at the time, overtime, excellent, it was just beginning to take out people from experience. With live action footage or CGI, the intermediate sequences were extremely exciting in many cases (although they were used very effectively in some games). Fortunately, FMV intermediate sequences are now almost extinct.

Live Action Trailers

You know what people expect in trailers for video games? You expect to see the game yourself. You can expect you to see the type of graphic that will have the game, you expect you to see the world of the game, you expect you to see (at least) a few tiny parts of the gameplay. Therefore, CGI trailers are disapproved by so many people. But do you know, what’s worse than CGI trailer? Live action trailer. Because in these trailers, nothing is at all, which is only in the least depicting how to look like the product they should be. This is neither a movie nor a television program. This is a game – show us a game.

Film Ties

It is very hard to imagine a single person who regularly plays video games and does not moan about the thought of embedded video games, and that’s because movie involvement is consistently and almost constantly considering flag bearers for mediocrity. Sure, there were some exceptions over the years – the extraordinary spider-man and spider-man-2 games also like some of the former Harry Potter games – but usually a film coupling pretty much is guaranteed a half-hearted , broken experience that is neither your time nor your money is really worth.

Nintendo E-Reader

Basically, we could have created a whole list of such things from Nintendo. The ereader was, but if you are honest, actually not so bad idea. Nintendo has just not recognized his potential as well as it could and should be. It was essentially a reader with whom they could wipe cards to unlock content in games on the Gameboy Advance while they also scan cards and actually play NES games. The technology they used was honest pretty impressive – if they had been properly used by Nintendo, she could have been far more than a half-forgotten gimmick.

Toys to life

Toys to life is like microtransactions, but offline. Basically, they put this extra money in a game for which they have already paid to unlock all these additional content, which should be part of their original purchase. It’s way too much physical crap in the game, and there is also a new one, which means that you have never finished buying it, and that the investment you put into a game even after buying is high. Sure, you can keep toys, which in some cases (as ambiibos) is pretty well built, but if they are not from a certain point of collectors, it just is not worth it anymore.

Dual Screen Gaming for home consoles

Fish swimming, birds flying and Nintendo makes funny, crazy stuff that no one can explain. The Wii U is another example of crazy shit. It is true that you could do with the switch exactly what you could not do with the Wii u, but that does not make the system concept very strange. Two screens games may work for handhelds, but games with two screens for home consoles? It can certainly work, but make a whole console around? Who found that a good idea? What’s worse is that the Wii U is not the only console that has tried this. With SmartGlass and the remote release of PS Vita, Xbox One and PS4 also tried to do this – none of them was successful.

Social network game

Remember the time when you visit every time you sign up on Facebook, to see dozens of notifications about friends who play Farmville, or so? Yes, no good memory. Flash games on social networking sites were the last scream for a short and oppressive time, and at this time it looked as if they were really a firm stand on the market. Foreseeable, however, the fad can sometime extinct and has dissolved so quickly as she was brought to life.

Fast events

Events with short playing time are convicted in our industry almost extensively, and there are still many games used, and even those who belong to the genre to which they belong to, like Detroit: Become Human (human being), this simply need to do so . Or Tellal’s games. However, there was a good four or five years in which games were dominated by QTES before not too long. God of was and all his successors used QTES actually very much, very good, and managed to make them printed in exactly the right way, interactively and stylish. For every God of was, however, there were at least one dozen games, which failed in a spectacular manner when properly use of QTES.

Custom instrument controls

Custom instrument controls for games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band have many of the same problems as Toys to Life games. If you want the right experience, you must invest additional money beyond your original purchase of the game. Apart from that, it is even worse here, as these purchases are considerably more expensive. And it’s not that you get real guitars – you buy something built for a specific purpose that can only be used for certain games, and it’s ultimately just a waste.

Hardware add-ons

From N64 DD, SEGA CD, SEGA 32X and RAM Expansion Pak to newer examples such as Wii Motion Plus, PS Move and Kinect have hardware add-ons for consoles after starting almost never works. For the beginning they are very expensive, and this investment is almost never a good idea as they are only badly supported by Publishers and developers. Most Games – In any case, those who are worth to be played – never use them to share the development resources and they damage the installation base. Let us not crush words here. Hardware add-ons are almost always a bad idea, and the concept must die as soon as possible.


Augmented Reality is one thing that can listen to the paper like an excellent idea and even more impressive at first glance (which concerns its potential, if not nothing else). But spend a bit of time, and they find that this can not attract their attention too long – at least in most cases. Well, where it is due, Niantics Pokemon Go Ar actually made very well done, to the point where people were dependent on the game for months, but we are honest, that was more on the fact that there is a Pokemon game was other than anything else.

Virtual reality … previously

Of course, we do not say that virtual reality is a fad and will not succeed. It’s too early for that. VR seems to be a good idea right now, and there were a few games to be honest, the VR did really well, with Resident Evil 7’s best. But really, it did not work out how we hoped for us. From today’s perspective, VR was a little disappointment, and at least in the near future we can not really refer to a game and call it as the game that will define VR. However, we press the thumb – we want him to hust up us and prove us the opposite. Let’s hope it happens soon or at least soon.


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