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Age of Resistance Tactics is an entertaining tactic RPG, if not without problems.

The dark crystal a series has a healthy and dedicated cultura in time for the recent Netflix series from the beginning and the charming creatures that you inhabit you, even at the latest Netflix series – this is the nature of a cult classic. In view of this, bonusXP The dark crystal: Age of resistance tactics is not a game that should be logically inspired Aute a lot of excitement, but in a world where the possibility of final fantasy tactics If the return is weaker from day to day, the round-based work Tactics of Shenanigans especially delicious.

As far as it is about providing a solid experience in this sense, age of Resistance Tactics is a pretty successful game. There will never be anyone – this is a small production that catches the fundamental strengths of the genres pretty well, but often not all-in – while topics like an incoherent narrative style and the lack of some basic features of the quality of life affect the total experience. But if you expect a solid, albeit ordinary, tactical role-playing game – and nothing else – you will come to your expense.

Age of Resistance Tactics covers the events shown in the recent Netflix series and at the same time uses the opportunity to expand these by dealing with more in-depth things that were not shown on the screen. For fans of the universe and the Netflix show, it is a fascinating view, and there will certainly be those who enjoy the greater context that offers the game for the events of the show. For the most part, however, a strength remains on the paper, which should have been one of the greatest strengths of the game due to poor execution.

If you expect a solid, albeit ordinary, tactical role-playing game – and nothing else – you will come to your expense.

The storytelling is very incoherent and constantly in a hurry. The players will be dismissed directly in this density, rich fantasy universe and have little context for anything, while most of the key story moments feel like being beautified. Writing is constantly clunky as if the game was in a hurry to deviate from the storytelling elements and lead the players directly to action.

On the one hand, I would appreciate that nothing was feeling as if it would take too long, and that between the fighting never passed too much time. On the other hand, the story did not interest me at all, which is a shame as this is a backdrop that is ripe for a truly fantastic storytelling. While fans of the show and the film can be more likely to invest in the narrative for obvious reasons, the story feels more like noise for those who have never had much experience with the property.

So it’s good that most of the game focuses on battles – because they are actually fun. It is clear that bonusxp understands the peculiarities of the genre well and age of resistance tactics constantly shows this understanding. It nails most of the basics, and although some facets do not escalate as much as I had hoped for, at least most of the above-mentioned foundations at a consistent basis is quite good.

While fans of the show and film for obvious reasons are easier to invest in the narrative, the story will feel very much more than after noise for those who have never had much experience with the property.

Take the characters, for example, there is a dozen playable characters in the game that gradually connect to their group and examine their strengths and weaknesses, buy them and equip them with better equipment and then put their group with the needs of each battle of interesting layer of interesting layer Strategy. An attractive employment system makes things even more interesting. You can assign two jobs to a character at the same time. With increasing level, new jobs are unlocked, which are increasingly specializing. Here there is plenty of room to experiment, and the number of possible permutations means that the build variety is appropriate. And with a total of a dozen jobs that you can unlock (for most characters), the complexity is higher than expected here.

Each job, of course, has its own attributes that give the statistics different strengthening and weakening requirements, but they also give the characters access to special skills – both passive and otherwise – which can be used in combat, for example, to heal or use allies Ranging attack, which reduces the movement of the enemy, or a special attack that can only be used when a unit has moved three rounds, but significantly more damage caused. Some of these skills can also be used in combination. For example, if you have used marking the ability to mark with an enemy with a scraper, you can attack a marked enemy with a Paladin double hit twice in a train. You can perform this combination either with two characters or with a single character, which is both a scout and a paladin and has these two skills.

In addition, the restriction on how many skills a character can use at the same time – three from its main task and two from its side task – and the movesets are something else to think about and decide, and something else you can look at it personalize. These are all simplifying systems, but age of resistance tactics use them in combination to achieve a surprising level of depth. So you can control the development of multiple characters on a microscale and the composition of your group on a macro scale. It starts quite flat and simple, but adds further levels.

Taken for themselves the all simplistic systems, but age of resistance tactics uses them in combination to create a surprising level of depth, whereby they can control the development of multiple characters on a microscale and the composition of their group on a macro scale very accurately .

None of this would make a difference if the game would not be a challenge. Thank God, age of Resistance Tactics Thanks again and again decent challenges in your way and motivate you to use the progress mechanisms and think about tactical about how you accept battles and how you improve every character. Not every battle is a harder, but there are some skirmishes that put them on the sample and where they need to keep things in mind like the composition of groups, character formation and placement of units.

Similar to the progression mechanism, the card design in age of Resistance Tactics also starts simply – but this is an area where the game is not displayed Aute much growth. It brings some interesting elements into the mix, such as hazards or chokepoints, or elements on the battlefield that you can interact with to use them to use them – but it’s all pretty basic things. Even if the game is not running for a long time, the cards are mostly only those hurdles to throw them, such as: Final Fantasy Tactics would be continued from the first hours. Of course, this is a much smaller production than final fantasy tactics earlier and so the two are not really comparable in this sense. It is only disappointing that the game with his card design is not ambitious.

Age of Resistance Tactics also suffers from some other problems, some of which significantly affect the experience. For example, there is the camera, which can zoom or zoom in to the left or right, but it does not allow the inclination angle to adjust, which means that the visibility of important things on the battlefield is too often hindered to fumble with the camera.

It is disappointing that the game is not ambitious with his card design.

Then there is the fact that you can not use the control cross to move your characters or choosing commands, which appears in a lattice-based game like a crass gap, especially as the analog stick feels quite inaccurate. Some basic features for the quality of life that you expect in a tactic game is also missing. For example, to attack an enemy, you can not select your character and then simply select the enemy you want to attack. Instead, you have to select your character, move it to a field next to a hostile unit and Dann Select the attack option manually as a separate action. All of these problems come together so that the game has the feeling of lying on polishing, and in a game that seems to understand his genre otherwise so well, it is strange to see such amazing provided.

If you take the good and bad, there is still a lot to like here, even if part of it is disappointed by problems that are often difficult to ignore. T ie Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics Does not reinstate the wheel, and its storytelling is hellishly chunky, but the core of the game – the part most importantly – is largely well done, despite errors or missed occasions here and there. It does not meet his starting material and does not approach approximately the excellence of the games, of which it was inspired – but it is solid enough. And sometimes Fest enough is good enough. _ This game was tested on the PlayStation 4. _ ## THE GOOD The employment system is surprisingly complex. A lot of control over the further development of the individual characters and the composition of a larger group; Many challenging and exciting battles.


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