China officially issued a notice of minors can only play online finally releaseds on Friday 6th


China official media has been described with spiritual opium, causing the finally released stocks to revert to the full reappearance, and now I finally released new policy measures, new regulations, online finally released companies, only on Friday, Saturday, At 20:00 to 21 days to 21 days and statutory holidays, you will receive an hourly service to **.

According to the news report, recently, the mainland China Press and Publication Administration issued Notice on Further Strict Management and Effective Prevention of Universities, in response to excessive use and even adding online finally released issues in minors, further strict management measures, Resolutely prevent minors from adding online finally releaseds, and earnestly protect minors’ physical and mental health.

Notification requirements, strict limitations to provide online finally released services to minors, all Internet finally released companies, only 20:00 to 21 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays, to 21:00 every day, 1 hour service, other times may not provide online finally released services to minors in any form.

In addition, strictly implement the real name registration and login requirements of the network finally released user account, may not provide finally released services to users who are registered and logged in in any form; the publishing management departments at all levels should strengthen the implementation of measures to prevent minors’ addiction network finally releaseds The supervision and inspection of the situation, the online finally released enterprises that are not strictly implemented, and will be dealt with.

The notice is proposed, to actively guide the family, schools and other society to jointly work, and perform a good environment for minors in accordance with the law, and create a good environment for the healthy growth of minors.


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