Steam appears in the adult Hololive Hololive Conditioning

The third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars started airing on January 25, 2018. The season was announced in August 2017, and also 9 of the 10 cast members were disclosed during a VH1 television unique titled Exclusive Queen Ruveal, which broadcast on October 20, 2017. This period included 10 All Star participants, selected from the show’s first season with to its ninth season, who contended to be sworn in into the Drag Race Hall of Fame.
As in the previous season, the leading two queens in the difficulty compete in a Lip Sync for Your Tradition, with the champion of the lip sync earning $10,000 and choosing which of the bottom queens obtains removed. A new twist on exactly how the top queens of the period were selected was exposed in the period’s last episode. The previously gotten rid of queens returned in the ending and also voted for the top two out of the remaining top four finalists, from there on both queens with the most votes advanced while the various other two were consequently gotten rid of. The rewards for the victor of the competition are a 1 year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics and a prize money of $100,000.
The winner of the 3rd season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars was Trixie Mattel, with Kennedy Davenport being the runner-up.

Although the Hololive on steam is rich, it is also a lot of crude abuse, and there are some Hololives that challenge the copyright bottom line. Recently Steam has an adult Hololive called My Big Break Girl, but the characters in the publicity map are quite familiar, approximately the VTUBER of the Hololive .

The characteristics of the characters appearing in the above figure are obvious, from left to right, respectively, VTUBER is more and more moon, and silver Novo and Baochen Ma Lin. According to the Japanese Media HololivesParks, the Hololive official _ get the response _, this is not officially authorized to recognize the Hololive, which will take action based on the actual presence, see if there is a place in violation of the two guidelines.

Although Hololive has no restrictions, there is a post-related guide for fans. This Hololive is currently related to commercial profit and violation of good customs.

In fact, this kind of small product adult Hololive has long been uncommon, and what warehouse, tomani, turn-bearing or puzzle, can get a variety of adult CG maps after customs clearance. This is simply straightforward. As long as you erase the mist, you can directly enjoy the picture, you can’t say that the Hololive is really bad.

These Hololives also include a lot of deceptive fishing Hololives, such as this, the role on the inspection map In addition to the store shortage and movie, it is not seen in the Hololive screenshot, it is very likely that it is just a means of fishing. .

We have reported that _, even some people directly use the name of the intersection of the British Society, published the Hololive Huiye Ni Ji wants to confess, and the results were found to be stolen with the same person. Subsequently, after retransciting, change In order to imitate the Heartbeat Department, it has not been launched so far.

Although my big chest girlfriend seems to have no counterfeit problems, there is still a suspect. Although Steam is very good, players must pay attention to the store related information when purchasing the Hololive.

[09.01 update] returned by netizens, the promotion of the Hololive with others, _ original painting Mao Yu Pill _ has been clarified in the community website and has not been involved.

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steam The appearance of Huiye Ni Ji wants to confess Hololive suspected collection agency and stealing


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