The 5 best and biggest moments of the MMO PVP in the history of video game

The massively multiplayer game system has certainly changed the experience for all of us at startup and has greatly increased the issues. In the early 2000s, the multiplayer experience developed around the world and still dominates the game market. Esport events have become even more popular and the game industry has never looked back since.

However, some MMO events have left their imprint and will remain engraved in history, such as the Eyxia epic Leeroy Jenkings, or some of Starcraft’s latest games, or the boss kills in Wow. Anyway, these first 5 choices represent the events with the most money spent or the greatest number of players involved, or it may simply be situations in which players strive to overcome the system and to make a hell game for other opponents. These are our 5 best moments of MMO PVP so far.


For those who do not know, EverQuest is part of the pioneers of the MMORPG, released in 1999. This is a fantastic 3D game developed by 989 studios and seeing interactive, and it was designed for PC and Sony Online, this which was quite progressive for this age. The game surely moved the limits and was ahead of its time, with a fairly advanced engine for the late 90s.

This PVP event took place on the EverQuest PVP server named Sullon Zek and led us to a player who named his fansy character. Now the rules of this server allowed new players to master the world before PVP is activated, making them invulnerable to the damage inflicted by the players until they reach level 6. This is ‘A new server, released at the popular era, so many high-level players have migrated to outstanding others and set up in the best of all worlds.

Fansy The Bard was a new bard and in EverQuest, the bards were able to invoke creatures. . It reached the level 5 and ceased to gather experience to keep the invulnerability indefinitely. He just started to invoke spam, sand giants. EverQuest was not as advanced as Wow, for example, where players could not use any ability on low-level characters in their departure zone, which allowed them to target and attack. The only difference is that even if fantasy was invulnerable, no one else was, and the accumulated giant sand army could even overwrite high level characters and defeat them.

It ends up having fun and shit many EverQuest professionals, but it was quickly reported and the deleted game moderators do not prohibit it, but simply withdraw its invulnerability. Fansy was killed, hunted and ganked indefinitely from that moment.

  • Fortnite Battle Royale – WSOE tournament at $ 100,000

As we all know, Fortnite touched the majority of players, regardless of its platform. It seems that everyone plays it, because the game has become extremely popular from the beginning, as soon as it exit in the middle of 2017. Fortnite Battle Royale gave birth to many incredibly fast and creative players, as well as times. quite epic line. ]

This match took place at the final of the 2018 Wose Tournament last year, with a cash prize of $ 100,000. This last circle was an epic shock of 100 of what is considered the true Pro Fortnite player. Halfway from the match, the game turns into an extravagance of confusing architecture, but when the storm is tightening at the end, things become really hectic and incredibly fun. But do not trust us, watch and feel your adrenaline level up:

  • World of Warcraft – Southshore against Tarren Mill

Now, when World of Warcraft came out, he certainly did not invent or reinvented the genre. As many say it, but he greatly pushed the envelope even further than his predecessors. And, okay, he helped popularize the mmo phenomenon, but next to his online socialization interactions, the best wow aspect for most players was his PVP fight. It is in Wow that the term ganking has been invented.

The first year of his publication, Wow did not have battlefields or arenas and yet, Alliance and Horde could attack anywhere in the world, on any server. . Some areas have quickly become hot spots for these PVP wars, and Hillsbrad Foothills was the first. It is located just north of Forgefer and brings together towns close to the Alliance and Horde. The cities had guards but no walls or fences. At times, there were several hundred players at the war at the same time. And the strangest was that there was no reward, no PVP lens.

  • The Great Finals MSI De League of Legends 2018 – 127 Million viewers – The most watched Esport match of all time

The major finals on the mid-season invitation in 2018 were one of the most anticipated events of Esports. History, with the majority of viewers and two teams in Asia. The match opposed Royal Never Give Up (China) and Kingzone Dragonx (Korea). It took place on May 20, 2018. The two teams played prudently at first, but in four games, the situation became quite crazy the public began to applaud as in a stadium. The gravity of the event left everyone amazed, while Rng won his first title of international champion.

This 2018 Grand Final Championship is one of the most important days of League of Legends and the history of video game. estimated at 127 million viewers. This historic Esport Charts event reports that 126 of the 127 million viewers also came from Asia. The total number of hours viewed by viewer reached more than 2 billion hours and 85 hours of broadcast in total.

  • EVE Online – Bloodbath of B-R5RB – $ 330,000 real money spent

This extraordinary event took place. On January 27 and 28, 2014 and undoubtedly represents the biggest combat between MMORPG players in the history of video game. The conflict opposed the Coalition (CFC) clusterfuck and their allies Russian alliances (RUS) against the N3 and the pandemic legion (PL). The conflict lasted 21 hours and gathered 7548 players, or 2670 participants at a time.

If you have never played Eve online, the majority of the game content is supported by a game in progress. Currency that can be purchased and converted into real money easily. The total number of ships, cruisers and destroyers lost in the B-R5RB, by both sides, represents a total value of up to $ 330,000 in real money.

And, as it is often said, all the conflict started on a small trifle. It was a single conflict in a small spatial station controlled by one player. This player did not make maintenance payment provided for a routine maintenance fee. The system was controlled by N3 / PL and, after the missed payment for this single station, the entire system became vulnerable to attacks and the CFC / RUS coalition tried its luck. The ships began to make more and more flights, but after the destruction of the first major capital vessel, it was clear that the war would not end well, either for one or the other.

Very well surpassed in numbers, the N3 / PL has held good, but after 20 hours and countless losses on both sides, they ordered a retreat. The CFC / Russ coalition interrupted retirement by wanting to pursue their remaining vessels and prevent spatial deformation. The whole battle was interrupted by the planned disconnection of the daily maintenance server.


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