Cat Sovice Puzzle Cats In Time Although I was planning to be a game to rescue a small alien there were many people who loved cats in the development team Developer interview

This project to interview the developer of the new indie game to be worried about. This time, Pine Studio development, released on August 27 days for PC (iOS / Android version is released) will deliver a mini-interview with cats rescued puzzle Cats in Time Developers .

This work, a puzzle game to rescue the cat to solve the puzzle in the world, such as the diorama. New York city of the second half of the 20th century from ancient Egypt, and such as the future of Tokyo, do the looking cat at various times and places. Hidden cat more than 290 animals. In Japanese is the corresponding already.

Cats in Time is being distributed at 520 yen (mobile version of the basic free-to-play) (Steam / iOS / Android).

– First of all I’d like a self-introduction. What is your favorite game?

BorisPine is Boris of Studio. I was in charge of the project leader in this work. We are a small indie development studio based in Croatia, we are good at funny puzzle game development. I myself, love is to play a puzzle game, but the like best is or was a retro 2D action game.

– Do the development of this work, why start?

Boris Initially, this work was going to be a game to rescue a small alien. However, I noticed that there are no less alien favorite person in the development team (laughs). However, it can be seen that you like cats a lot in the team, to make the game to rescue the cat you were, I was going to help protect a cat at the same time. Do we have any kind of activity, I think I can see if you read this article (in English).

( translator Note: each time the cat is rescued 100,000 animals in this Sakuchu, development studio is just to answer the cat food 10kg to donate this interview to stray cat conservation organization working in Croatia Zagreb. at the time it is already that of the 8 million or more animals of the cat were rescued in the game)

– Please tell us about the features of this work.

Boris this work is to explore the 3D diorama, solving the puzzle, a puzzle game in which rescue the cat who got lost in the time. Such as a combination of looking object game with cute escape game, it has become a relaxing game. Us as you have thought it would be like escape game × find Wally! … but a cat!.

– do this work you want to play the kind of person?

Since Boris this work is a family-friendly, the layers that are targeted is very broad. Want like to relax after work or school, but we made as there is also the challenge city person other than the children, I am happy that they have enjoyed in still a lot of small children. There is also such a thing, so that you can enjoy by the very young fans, added a kids mode!

– Do you have any work that this work has been affected?

Boris this work has been influenced by the Find Wally!. Humor and looking for products elements of this work, we love.

– Did you have an impact on the development by the new coronavirus?

Boris here a year and a half, because we are subjected to work from home, did not have an impact on the development by new corona. Because we are a great team who gathered from all over Croatia, we are game development while having fun!

– or delivery and monetization of this work is okay to?

Boris Yes, delivery is also okay if I have also monetize. Since all be music is original made for this work, no problem.

– I’d like a last message to Japanese readers.

Boris Japanese readers of everyone, Thank you for playing this work! Through this work, love for the cute cat and I’m international, I think that was able to prove once again!

–thank you very much.

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