Enchane SKT Enpace Cell Tokyo Game Show participant list

Detailed information was released, including participants in the Tokyo Game show (hereinafter referred to as TGS) ahead of the 25th anniversary. Among the domestic game companies, NCsoft and SK Telecom, Encap Cell will participate.

The TGS organizer has conducted the ‘TGS 2021 online pre-prepared special’ through the Youtube on the last day. In this broadcast, we were able to identify detailed event information such as the logo and main visuals, exhibitors, and schedules of TGS 2021, which left the opening of the opening.

As a result of the broadcasting standard, the company decided to participate in TGS 2021 is 339 companies. Developers of 39 countries around the world including the United States, Canada and France are participating in Korean companies, NCsoft, CFK, SK Telecom, Enpose, and the like.

In the meantime, it is SK Telecom. SK Telecom will proceed with the ‘SK Telecom Games Show!’ For about 30 days, the first day of the event, from 16:00 to about a year. The game expected to be introduced in the broadcast is a new shooting game ‘Anville’ of Action Square. Anville is a top-down shooting action game that is a game that clears the Stage of Logic Liquely with other users. Last E3 2021, I have participated as a main lineup of SK Telecom, a publisher.

NCsoft will continue to broadcast for an hour from 16:00 on October 3. The game currently announced is Lineage W, and it is likely to expect information related to Lineage 2m. The enensiel’s Grand Society is ongoing broadcasting on the coming from 23:00.

Among the foreign game companies, Ubi Soft, 101 Industries, Arc SystemWorks, Konami, Saxa Atlas, Square Enix, Level Five, SNK, Microsoft, Capcom, and Bandai Namco Entertainment. In the case of Konami, he said that he was scheduled to disclose a unpublished game at this event, and Bandai Namco Entertainment will convey idol master Statile season reports. Square Enix also discloses a new information of releasing schedules. All events support Japanese and English.

In addition to this TGS 2021, the TGS 2021 VR, which can enjoy the event through the ‘Experienced Publisher Trial’ and VR, which can enjoy the latest game’s decomputer, TGS celebrates the 25th anniversary of the ‘Tokyo Game Music Fest’, an indie game introduction, ‘Sense of Wonder Knight 2021’, which can listen to the game music of the full orchestra. In Japan Makuhari Messe, offline exhibitions for presses and influers are also opened.

‘Still, we have a game on us’ TGS 2021, which is held on September 30, from September 30 to October 3, and is held on October 3, can do.


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