Totally annoying 16 problems that only understand Gamers

There are certain things in the world of video game lovers who can stress belong. Whether long loading times, difficult Teampartner or crashing playing sessions – problems that every gamer knows and hardly knows outside the gaming cosmos.

These problems stress gamers especially

Certain problems are reserved for gamers, each player knows and connect them. If you try outsiders who have nothing with gaming on the hat, to make the stress understandable, they should probably remain unresolved.

Our list is long and we have compiled the most famous and annoying problems in the following picture section , which players are often contrasted:

If the hobby becomes frustration, then the fun stops. Many of the problems listed are Technical nature and could be done with some rework from the world. So dear developers, gives us players a little easier and eliminates them for us, thank you.

Which of the annoying gamers’ problems rain the most? And do you know any further challenges that only players understand? Write us your thoughts in the comments.


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