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The developers of UFL have published via Twitter in a Q & A news for the free-to-play football game. The studio went on the formation of the animations whether there is also an offline mode, contact the community and more.

The developers want to integrate the community, because one wants to realize wishes and ideas in the game. What unfortunately also means that the work on the project will last for some time and a release date itself for the studio is in far away.

Do you want to listen to the community?
UFL: Sure! We already do it. And tell you: @Flgame is the only source of information that can and should be trusted. Stay it for more!

When is the publication date?
UFL: We do not share the date because we are still working on it. It really depends on a number of factors and we do not want to disappoint you with broken promises. As soon as we are ready, we will tell it all. We are just as impatient to share how to hear it.

Strong interest in an online football game is probably also in the Arab-speaking part of the world and confirmed to try to realize the desire for servers. But also the opportunity to play the game offline with friends will keep an eye on, as is the question of a career mode.

will there be servers for the Arab regions?
UFL: We are currently looking at the server locations. We collect data and analyze the potential number of players for each region how big the community is and much more.

Are offline modes planned? Career Mode?
UFL: We are very focused on our main game mode that is online. There is a lot of infrastructure that has to run correctly to make the game stable, but UFL will have an offline mode you can play with friends.

The Animation System of UFL represents the team the most challenging task. An internal motion capture studio works on it, both in the game and in the intermediate sequences.

What about animations? How does the animation system work in the game?
UFL: We have an internal motion capture studio working on animations. Both in the game as well as in the intermediate sequences. This is one of the most important and complicated parts of football simulation games.


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