Hanconjin I enjoy 71 3 of the people for a year

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] In the last year, 71.3% of the people in Korea have been investigating the game.

The Minister of Culture Athletics (Minister Hwang Hee) and Korea Content Promotion Agency (Jeong Kyungmi) (Jeong Kyungmi), published ‘2021 Game User’s Actual Survey’ report on September 3.

The survey was conducted on the Games Usage Actual and Status and ‘Recognition of Games’ for 3,000 for a month or more and 65 years of age from May 23 to a month. We have been in combination of online research and individual interview surveys, and will be used as the basic data of policy establishing policy for future game industries and investment activation.

According to the report, 71.3% of the people in recent years have been used to use the game, which increases 0.8% p in the previous year. This is a slightly higher than 4.8% p, which is a rise in game utilization, but it can be judged that it is still maintaining a rise in Corona 19 situations.

Game users’ game platform (duplicate response) (duplicate response) is the highest at 90.9% of the mobile game (57.6%) ▲ console game (21.0%) ▲ arcade game (9.8%).

As a result of the characteristics of mobile game users with the highest utilization, the average use of the day was a year-round-9.5-minute (96.3 min → 86.8 minutes), and the weekend +1.4 minutes (121.7 min → 123.1 minutes) was slightly increased. The average time of use was increased by +5.3 minutes on weekdays (57.5 minutes → 62.8 minutes), ▲ weekend +14.3 minutes (75.2 minutes → 89.5 minutes).

The total expenditure costs such as downloading mobile games and inhibiting the entry, the average of 37,360 won (increase +6,216 원, 비 비 비 비 비), ▲ The central value increased to 11,000 won (+1,000 won) . If you see only the payment costs in the game used for purchasing items in total expenditure costs, the progress of the game used for the progress, the average of 30,554 won (an increase in +43114111) ($ +431111, the previous year), and the central value is 10,000 won The same appearance as as.

Meanwhile, as a result of a school parent with a child, he looked at the game with his child, resulting in 57.5% of the parents using the game with their children. This has been continuing to maintain a continuous rise since he has increased by 1.2% p to 1.2% p and 43.9% in 2017.

By the age of parents, the 30s were the highest as 73.1%, and the 40s (65.1%), ▲ 50 (40.0%), with their children in the order of their children. This can be seen that the perception of the game is changing positively based on the young age of young ages familiar with the comparative game.

In addition, in addition to Corona 19, children enjoy games together for the time with their children to grow at home, and enjoy the opportunity to sympathize with their children through the game.


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