PRODEUS is a return to the Retro Retro Games Games

A first-person shooting game inspired by classic titles of the genre, Produs seeks to use modern techniques and gameplay enhancements in conjunction with retro-fps aesthetics. While other games have used a similar vision with their games, Produs does a great job by making the game (early) accessible to all, including those who can not take advantage of classic FPS titles compared to their contemporary equivalents . As a person who is not a big fan of the kind of FPS games at the fast pace, Produs almost immediately attracted me.

According to the game Kickstarter of the game, you play as a corrupt agent of Produs, determined to destroy your creator and anyone who gets across the way. Without doing this search, the game also provides a brief description at each level that provides a certain context of the level background or objective. Is there a lot of history here? Did I really care about it? No on both accounts. Although there was no context explaining why I was tearing enemy levels, it did not remove the experience at all, and I expect the full version to contain a little more than History material.

The main Game Loop of Produs is its element of shooting at the first person. Players must make a way through different levels through platforms, explorations, minor puzzles and shots. The fight of the game is its main attraction. Through levels, players will meet enemies along different paths, or in pieces that generate enemies in a kind of mini-arena. Players will use the weapons found to send these enemies. In the review version of the early access to which we had access, there were weapons such as pistols, shotguns, rockets, etc. However, a number of weapons locations had remained empty.

The fight itself is exciting, fast and fun. The feeling of cleaning a room with almost all the weapons of your arsenal was fun. However, this has become a little repetitive after a while, especially if you start binding yourself to a specific weapon. Personally, the shotgun was one of my favorites, but lack of ammunition forcing you to change things from time to time. The enemy variety is also a little default, with only a handful of different so far, although the game can add more into future levels. Despite the slightest variety, the pleasure you may have to shoot an enemy in the face or blow up with a rocket from a card is immense. One point to note is that the game comes with many difficulty settings, allowing newcomers and veterans to play at the level they want.

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In addition to typical levels that allow you to explore, seek keys, kill enemies and reach the end point, there are also two types of different levels. More specifically, there are levels that are strictly the arenas in which enemy waves attack you, as well as tests that make you compete for the highest score. These varieties of levels help to divide the action between relatively similar levels. It should be noted, however, that each level has a particular mechanics that differs from the others, such as the vertical rise of a level or the need to return to a Nexus type area of ​​a level. In addition to the campaign and its levels, the game comes with a level editor as well as the possibility of downloading and playing campaigns and at the levels of others.

For a game inspired by classic retro-fps titles, Prodeus has permanently air of the game, or at least, looks like what we may remember retro FPS games. The title definitely uses contemporary progress and designs to give the game a retro aspect while feeling simultaneously as a modern shooter. The unique aesthetics of the game is immediately illustrated by images or videos. Similarly, the artistic conception of the game in its explosions, its splash of blood, its weapons, its enemies and its environments is consistent with the gameplay and the implicit narrative.

With regard to the global play loop, the design of the levels and the fight of Produs, the game is extremely pleasant. With his fast fights and sometimes his frenzied rush of enemies, there was hardly a boring moment when reading PRODEUS. Even run through the different tests to reach the best scores was a race, even if it meant restart the level only 5 or 10 seconds repeatedly. Although audio is usually its own section, it is important to note it next to the gameplay here. The retro sound effects of firearms and explosions work extremely well with his Heavy Metal soundtrack at a time in terms of creating a frantic feeling and make you feel hard to cook. In short, it’s as much a band’s band and your assault. In addition to some repetitive aspects of the game (which can be modified or adjusted during early access), there is not much to hit PRODEUS in its current state. The moment’s experience in Instant is fun and it will certainly be a game that I expect to come back in the future.

For a game launched for anticipated access, the basic mechanisms of the game seem quite complete. Although there is a significant lack of content that remains to be completed, Kickstarter supports and game fans should have attenuated doubts. As a person who does not care particularly about contemporary fast pace games, Produs has easily been one of my most enjoyable games for so far this year. Although experience has sometimes appeared relatively long in part due to a still low completion percentage at the end of construction, I am still delighted to further discover the game as it continues to grow.



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