How to access the contents of the Season Pass de The Division 2 Warlords of New York and how it works

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The Division 2 has a new expansion called warlords of New York. This brings the players back to the origins of the first game where the green virus appeared for the first time, and it now takes the players looking for the KEENER agent, a Agent of the rogue division that helped start everything. The new extension allows players to ask questions, for example if it is the next game of the game, and if they should expect to pay for more content as they did with the pass of The year 1 of the game.

How does the new content work?

Currently, players who bought the extension have access to the next game of the game, which takes them to New York. When you buy the extension, you can visit the front of the White House to take a helicopter to start this sequence and go to the new location. After that, you are free to browse New York and start locating all the new content of the game, such as new SHD caches.

The new content for warlords of New York is looking for the Keener agent. You have to browse the city to locate four other thug agents who work for him to track down. After finishing the main mission, there is a handful of secrets, SHD tech caches to locate and new orange boxes to find by exploring the city.

In addition, Ubisoft introduces a new content approach. Previously, players had the opportunity to buy new playback patches from the game or to recover the pass of the year 1 of the game. Now, this pass of year 1 was exchanged against seasons, that the players will also have to buy.

Seasons operation in The Division 2

These seasons will be the way Ubisoft will introduce new content in the game. They include new missions, new premiums and, in addition, powerful NPCs will need to look for a useful loot. Each season _The Division 2 lasts 12 weeks. It works similarly to how a combat pass works in most games where players need to improve the season’s pass, finish events and content to earn experience points. The game season offers 100 levels of rewards.

The season subscription includes a free leveling system and a premium system. The premium edition of the game season will cost $ 10 every 12 weeks. There are rewards for both slopes, and both versions should have access to the same content unless someone did not buy the warlords of New York Expansion, so they will have access to any event Based in New York. The first season is included with the warlords of New York Extension, so all those who bought the extension will have access to it.

The new content includes:

  • Hunts to the seasonal man, with news every three weeks
  • Seasonal events
  • Global events
  • Leagues (PVE Challenges)
  • Clothing events (players must be level 40)

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The first season in Division 2_ starts on March 10th. All players have so far to finish as much of the main story of the extension as possible before the first begins.


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