Kraffe toned Games Cultural Foundation official webzine GG window

The Game Cultural Foundation was launched on August 17, the Game Culture Webzine ‘Game Generation (GAME Generation, GG) .

Game generations sponsored by a well-known Kraft Tone with Battlegrounds show an article that illuminates the expertise and cultural and academic value of the game.

In intensive planning, we selected different topics for each level, and in Changzha, the game magazine and criticism of the game magazine, criticism of the game as ‘Culture as’ Culture ‘, which is composed of North America and Korean game culture research.’

In trends, you can check the game trends in the system and the latest keywords, and you can see the progress of the game and the story of the progress and future, and the story of the metaverse.

The last article (Articles) consists of game expansion, developer and gamer interviews, and this time, it was composed of a review and challenge of the change and challenge of E3, and an indie game developer sommes (SOMI) interviews.

Kim Kyung-Il said, As the art is a culture, says, As the art museum and a curator, it is now necessary for such places and people, said GG, said GG, said GG, .

The Krafton, who sponsored the GG publication project, The head of the GG is required to have the value of the game for the sustainable growth of the game industry, Krafton is the GG GG GG We will continue to support content to provide content that enhances professionalism. GG is published at the war and can be seen on the GG official website.

The Games Culture Foundation was established in 2008 for the purpose of contributing to the purpose of developing a healthy game culture and establishing a healthy game culture and the cultural industry development of the game and the improvement of the cultural life of the people’s cultural life. Understanding the game to understand training, games and moleshelming centers are underway.


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