Backside of E SPORTS For the best gaming experience I want the body care to be conscious of the care of the body the upper river the pip person in charge interview

And focus on people involved in the e-Sports, [the back side of the e-Sports] to continue to introduce the key person in an interview format to play in the future of e-Sports scene.

In the last series, I heard a story in the sports news photo, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of whether to enter the Getty Images Why e-Sports with a reputation, also about what the company is how to capture the e-Sports scene .

Game caster this time to be the 31st to serve as the ambassador of pip Erekiban in Mr. familiar pips Co., Ltd. Product Development Division Brand Strategy Headquarters Sports Life brand his brand managers Matsuura YukariNori pro Fitz for e-SPORTS We conducted interviews on the shore of river Mr. Many of the athletes and the company that has supported the players e-Sports, of course, what are going to confront how a gamer. It approaches to the back side thereof.

— I’d like a self-introduction of two people

Matsuura: Matsuura YukariNori pips Corporation. He is mainly responsible for pro Fitz brand, brand strategy and promotion strategy, and the work involved in marketing such as product development.

Shore: The shore taiga of the game caster. He is originally activities as a player, is from around 2010 had been active in both the player and the game play-by-play. He is away from the player in 2014, he has been active as a game caster. He was in charge of Ambassador, and Executive Advisor of OMEN of Logicool G. He now he has the ambassador of gaming chair to develop a Herman Miller.

— pips Co., Ltd. and shore-san How do you have the kind of activities

Shore: information dissemination about the maintenance of the body through the pro Fitz for e-SPORTS is, of course, has been the activities that create an opportunity to give a notice to the people that were not aware such a place until now. If you are playing the game have people many think, I wonder what I hurt?, But who was doing the sport is know as Do we need supporters, and from people who are not doing sports, I think that not aware of the fact that the use of the supporters. Everyone of gamers, I take care to tendonitis and back pain, we would like to convey a new field of view to you and so on.

— this time, the background was appointed Kishi-san

Matsuura: The lively e-Sports market in Japan has been noted, it had been investigating that there may also affinity with the sports brand. People who are playing the game more than we think among them I noticed that there are many who suffer from the disorder, problems with hips and body. If you examine the whether the people is the deal if while suffer from pain, is basically no choice, do you say that to give up the middle of the thing that hurt, if it has become commonplace it was found in many cases. I will use the feel free to supporters in the prophylactic purposes of injury to such people, we gave a product developed by the feeling that I want to tell and it is firmly fun game.

As we look for those who are outgoing force in the e-Sports community, the concept of the shore’s matched and our feelings. Kishi’s or even have been had the pain to the player era, I would like to more support now of the situation, and since the have us feel, is up to you to ask shore’s.

Kishi: not just out to the tournament with tendonitis in the team mate or opponent communities opponent was also included at the time of the player, we have seen many people who had quit in the low back pain. When you start to do a lot of games, I muscle strength to use is different. For example, when I was doing the StarCraft is, in many operations that use the keyboard, you’re going to become painful more and more fingers. When the game is also not Yara firmly supporters, it had to feel wonder if not it will suffer more and more burden, and. First, feel free to use in place that will create a culture of serving is it’s the most supporters, and gradually improve the goods, Naa good and the market also will spread as care products, and.

— health, but there was a story that, do you your own part also be aware of is there was

Shore: in each successive age, Do not painful suffering the burden on the waist and shoulders, because there are of course to making it easier to accumulate gradually fatigue. Life be in the play in the middle of the night band rhythm even or slightly shift, had been or not good until there is also fatigue. Depending on the player, as it can reduce fatigue even a little, or not drinking the supplicant, it is many people have the muscle training and stretching to drink protein.

If there is it took to tuberculosis, since the actual experience of that action can not be at that time, no, but it will not be prevented shall not prevent. But, Toka advance can be prevented, by Tteyuu strike the hand ahead for health, I hope to very good is an effort.

— through the pro Fitz, it is that I want to also spread awareness of the health

Matsuura: people who are playing the game, I at first I think the game is started like. The more you enthusiasm, go supposed to be for a long time play to forget the time. Then, come out upset in various parts of the body. The fact that you play while holding a pain, to I think the first is no longer felt the pure pleasure of the time we started the game, as some cases those who would quit due to a failure in doing fun and a long-awaited love What come out, it is impatient. It becomes a cause to create a pain that started like, will no longer not like, would quit tearfully. It is also the feeling I want to reduce the such a person, I would like you to continue to health long if you like.

Easy to start as a first step to that problem solving is, I think care products. I think that some people that do not put out a hand stretched the price when it comes to gaming chairs and peripherals, but I think that I want to start from the fact that is easy to start what such people.

Shore: in the last few years, players wear the supporters would have increased. In particular, the scene of FPS. Since the person who has also been an increasing number use the supporters that covers the whole than the smaller of the supporters, I feel the demand is growing definitely. I think we have a growing health consciousness.

Matsuura: I hear may be talk of e-Sports part in extracurricular activities of high school was founded. When the club comes more and more, such as a scene or school tournament, so I think that will come an increasing number of young people to firmly competition rather than play with my friends, young people also injured or worse led to the failure not careful with or worse, or possibly long competition of life ahead may not be able to fulfill. Precisely because it now has spread e-Sports to young people, I want to sent a such a message.

Shore: The chat hurt his left foot when you’re doing soccer. Will hurt his ligaments, it took time to return. Also back becomes narrow range of motion, and fullest shoot a shot, because the remains movable range is narrow gone stretched ligament, also it will become painful. To prevent twist as long as the Vantage, because there was also been prevented with injuries, I think that it is really important is that you take in advance measures.

— to when playing the game, I think especially there is such where you want careful

Kishi: It is hip and wrist. With respect to the waist, and then suddenly or pain brat. When you have a play but I do not mind because it is concentrated, or feel uncomfortable at the moment of lying, or thought, I? When you are sitting. At a level of about I do not know where to do I put a poultice I waist, or rather pain that comes from the inside …. I is waist it was hard most. Waist Among the body, we believe it is particularly important part.

With respect to the wrist, I’m so keyboard school, I sometimes come warped gradually wrist. So it takes a burden on the wrist. I think that the people that the aim with the mouse by using the wrist is under considerable load.

— What was the result of product development survey

Matsuura: As Mr. shore points out, was a particularly large hip and wrist. It will take the burden on the waist often to play to sit in any game, wrist also be in the game to use the mouse and keyboard, even in games that use the controller, the burden of the wrist will have spent in Sumahogemu. Was first developed products with a focus on the hip, wrist from that sort of thing.

List Armor You can use both right-handed, left-handed to, I think this one around the wrist is also a certain kind of game can support.

ーーー the waist of many to the next of the wrist is?

Kishi: It’s the eyes. With or become eyestrain, it or is affected shoulder and hips from there. After all, the body is upset one place because it led you been involved in the whole body.

Matsuura: Among that we proceed with investigation, trigger finger and shoulder stiffness heard well. It is possible to care pips Magunerupu is neck and shoulder in our products, If you have been a game you or I use. Because sometimes much also leads to seems to be fanatical in the same position from eyestrain to stiff neck, the neighborhood is quite I think that there is a high demand.

ーーー Sugomori also overlap, we have more and more people to the game to light

Matsuura: actually, but I that it is a sport that moving the body Moteru the idea might be injured, the game because Dekiru basically sitting at home, I think that it is often so much not associated with the injury. Time to use the PC now, since the wrists and waist to have more time to use a smartphone than you think of yourself is taking the burden not think that other people’s affairs, who is there risk any time is I want you to know.

Shore: those of gamers, I I think that put a really money in the computer’s specs or device. Of course, but those sections also is The important thing, because I think that the play is the best performance goes up in thorough health, what’s important for now his toward the line of sight to various places while thinking , I want to face the day-to-day game.

ーーー two of you are How do you see the upsurge of e-Sports

Matsuura: Although we have as the market growing rapidly, because the majority to form a market is or was the prize money and sponsorship fees, Do the culture of goods market, spend money on things not still rooted, and I feel honest . The Because spread more and more market size, demand will come out, and suggests that you do not capture it. While that should not to be calmly caught, increasing or have decided to become an official event in the Asian competitions, or have been made virtual events ahead of the Olympics, the opportunity to be exposed to the general public than ever e-Sports Te is thought that no doubt come to obtain the citizenship. When the exposure is increased and an increasing number of people to play the game to, I think that would be an increasing number of those who cause a malfunction in the body when a person to play is increased.

as a mission of health care company called health contribution to the body and mind of the people , we would want to have a solution if you are found to be more people coming troubled future. First of all, such as Toka use the supporters of the pro Fitz for e-SPORTS, Pip Erekiban or pips Magunerupu, or established a performance by care of the body in a commodity of a different genre, such as a gaming peripherals, to the area Appro – Ji we want to continue.

Shore: the expansion of e-Sports is, here recently Do not have come to healthy growth, I feel that. A few years ago I had the feeling that ‘ll scary too rapid growth, but the one ahead of growth happens to have been able to imagine because they have seen its rapid growth. e-Sports is be nice if Kurere enjoy the simple game rather than a trend, and I believe that , I think that do not have to the game I think the e-Sports. If Moraere feel Let’s play with your friends in the game, so good. So for the first time look at the competition population and Do not wow me e-Sports If Moraere know the e-Sports.

Recently, purely happy to see the people of a lot of celebrities and entertainers are playing the game. Many athletes are doing the game to break time and off-season, you really think that Do not enjoyable life because they can interact with Masahiro Tanaka and Jun Mizutani’s through the SNS. I I’m firmly recognized the top players of the game also athletes. I amazing me strong up here. The feelings of those who are aiming for the world title in the people and the game is aimed at the world in a physical sport Many people do not think the idea after all game, if there are things in common. There is very happy.

– In fact, towards the professional gamer has been a tremendous amount of practice and effort

Matsuura: I mean the first step that is serious about the future game receive a proper evaluation, I think that I’m signs go toward the good direction.

Shore: holiday been heard what you are, I see about 10 movies in the video distribution service and Yeah, wow, and say that it is said, on the other hand the game we were 20 hours was to say when there is a very uncomfortable feeling to or there is a reaction of What? . Several tens of hours in any thing, is there are things that pour hundreds of hours and time, I think it nice.

— Finally, toward the reader to give a message.

Matsuura: You think still that it is present situation is that there are fewer are feeling the need for a body of care, or a gaming chair and desk also comes to mind the first is going to the emergency care, peripherals or there is, I think whether to buy relatively price is high and has been in those high hurdle. Lower the hurdles for care of the body, to you want to more familiar activity, of course, is that get to continue long the likes began game, made in what is fun glamorous life that can live long and healthy in body and mind we want to help you go. I want to provide a new means while standing to health as a wellness company, we want also to go spread the culture.

Kishi: I want you anyway health doing out! There is a thought that. It is said that e-Sports, but I want to enjoy the game with pure feelings. Here recently, because it can also booth of the gaming related to electronics stores, I think that we lined with merchandise that was conscious of this kind of health even in such a booth. Among the devices are lined up, I think that it is a corner of the products that care the wrist. It’s together with ordinary sports shop. If readers quickly know it or Let’s try, I would like to introduce a friend.

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