Mist of love to get the expansion inspired by the blockade of Covid

The board game Niebla de amor will launch a new expansion inspired by the difficulties and challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Last month, Floodgate Games announced that they had acquired nove of love, a game for two people focused on two people who try to establish a relationship with each other. As part of the ad, Floodgate Games pointed out that they were working on multiple new expansions for the game, including Love on Lockdown, a new expansion inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. This new love story explores the situations and challenges with which we all familiarized ourselves during the strange events of last year, declared Floodgate Games in his press release.

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In addition, Floodgate Games is also working on a complete expansion for love of love_ that focuses on queer and transgender stories and situations that reflect these communities.

Nove of love was originally launched in 2017 and has a romantic comedy game. Each player creates his own character with goals and peculiarities. The two players try to make their way through uncomfortable situations and unusual circumstances, trying to make their relationship work while balancing their own needs and objectives. During each round, players play scene cards that represent different moments in a relationship, resolve them and then go through the next chapter of a relationship. At the end of the game, players will reveal a final destination letter and determine if they have met the requirements to see if their relationship was a success or failure. To date, three expansions have been launched for nove of love, each of which adds new potential wrinkles to a relationship. Niebla de amor has obtained multiple nominations to awards since its release by its unique theme and its role-playing combination.

Floodgate Games is also the editor of the successful game. SAGRADA that involves the use of colored dice to build stained glass, and the vault_, a game about bidding by the adventure team of the dead heroes. Floodgate Games also recently announced that it would publish vívido, a drafting game on how to form a network of connected memories while trying to earn points.


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