The Last of Us Series That looks just like the game set

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New pictures from the set of the series adaptation The Last of Us have surfaced on the net and heighten anticipation among fans of neat. The reason: They look almost as if they were almost fallen out of the game. What to see and why the atmosphere and the claim of the Game captures so well, learn it here.

This can be seen

This is what: On Reddit and Twitter channel HBO’s The Last of Us – status, there are currently marvel at new pictures. These show the set of the video game adaptation – but might at a first glance almost screenshots from the game itself to be, and that comes at great with the fans.

This can be seen in the pictures: Photographs published show urban scenes that represent the end-time Boston, which is a major stop common at the beginning of Joel and Ellie’s journey. We see, for example, empty streets, a brick wall with a sign of FEDRA (Federal Disaster Response Agency), tents, a police barrier and also a cute rabbit. Here you can view the images you:

Link to reddit content

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This makes the images more

But it is not only the at first glance quite obvious similarities to delight the fans. The connection with the claims of the game goes deeper. The deserted city in the photos is very much alive namely, if we look closely – not only in terms of the rabbit. Based on a wealth of details we can learn more about what is happening locally.

Notes provide the instructions on the FEDRA sign and painted in dirty words Stand United in a shop window, which invite us to reconstruct the history of the locations – just like in the game. Environmental Storytelling is an important aspect of Tlou, who bring us closer to the world and living conditions.

And so react the fans: Many express their enthusiasm. Sels the Johnson writes in response to the Twitter post by HBO’s The Last of Us – Status:

[…] This looks just like the game.

Voldsby represents on Reddit a similar opinion:

At first I really thought that the screenshots from the game are. It looks so similar to the in-game environment and I love it! […]

Taeguki is also on Reddit, impressed by the Environmental Storytelling and the atmosphere of the images:

The FEDRA signs make me shiver I was so excited, would like the real-life version of the game environment look like and whether it succeeds and. If they give the same energy and it is my expectations so far definitely fair.

What do you think of the pictures? Will they meet the game?


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