Those who are published on May 15 on PS4 Xbox One and PC Switch the version to come later

The horror game promises an intensive ride.

The next few months will be brutally brutal for the wallet with several top-class titles, from Remakes to continuations. But you have to take time for these hidden jewels from time to time, and one of them seems to be the horror title The people staying . It’s been in progress for quite a while and now we have a solid appearance date.

Neverwinter PROMISE!

The one remaining follows Edward as he is in the small town of Dormont. However, things go wrong as scares come out of the dark. You have to survive the night and make decisions that influence Edward’s fate with multiple results, while you are leaning through the many horrors to whom he faces escape in his hope.

The remaining will be released on May 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A switch version is also in progress, but will be released later in the year. You can check the release trailer below.

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