A former editor of Bioware develops a musical video game called Chorus

Veterans of the video game industry, including a former bioware writer, develop a new music game based on music called refrain .

David Gaider is a video game author who previously worked for Bioware, the same video game development company Dragon AGE and star wars: the knights of the former Republic. Gaider worked on both franchises. The stories of both games are well known to allow players to choose different dialogue options and have a chance to love the characters they want.

Gaider left Bioware in 2016 and founded a new team called Summerfall Studios. Today, Summerfall announced his first game. Called refrain , this new game is considered the first musical feature film. The choir will include the different dialogue options and the romance that made the Dragon Age Games so popular.

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Refrain takes place in a contemporary and fantastic city. You play Grace, to whom one gives the powers of a muse after someone comes home and dies in his arms. It is then tracked by characters and creatures based on old mythology. She must use her power to sing to prove her innocence in the death of the muse. The secret society pursues it is called Chorus.

Not only are you able to choose different dialog options during a normal conversation, you can even decide the lyrics to sing during the musical numbers. However, it is not as simple as choosing the options you want, you must choose the lyrics that best fit your song. The better the stream, the more the song ends up being better.

Grace can also improve different character traits, which allows it new ways to address a situation. The three characteristics that players can choose are Kickass (for adventurous), Clever (for the intellectual) and charming (for the charismatic).

In addition to Gaider, other veterans from the game industry are involved in the game. One of these people is Liam Esler, a general manager who had the initial idea of ​​Chorus with Gaider years ago. The composer will be Austin Wintory, who is the most famous for his partition in Perple . Troy Baker, actor and prolific voice director, will be the director of the voice of the game. Baker is well known for his performances in the last of us (like Joel) and uncharted 4: the end of a thief (like Samuel Drake). Laura Bailey, a leading actress, known for his main roles in CATHERINE and ENGRENAGES 5 , will be the voice of Grace.

REFRAIN is funded by the crowd on fig, and its goal is $ 600,000. Currently at the time of writing this article, the REFRAIN Participatory financing represents more than $ 60,000 of donations. The game is currently only expected on PC, but it is planned to use another platform if it sells well enough.

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