Cheesecake I met in Uninhabited Pouring Measures Poured on Death Loop

It has been full of originality in the flood of an obvious AAA game.

The ACHEAN studio is developed, today (14 days), FPS is applauded by media and users. As of today, the game is recorded an average of 88 methacrytic scores from 73 media. This corresponds to the ‘generally favorable’ rating selected by meta-style. It is only two gaps with ‘mostly extraordinary’, the highest grade.

The VG247, which is aimed at , was designed as a nicely designed game this year, and it was the best one of the games that played this year. I did not spare a game for a few months. The Gimmer said, is a feeling that I met cheese cake in the Desert Island. I have admitted to the flood of an excessively obvious AAA game, he said.

The evaluation of the medium given 80 points is also a positive positive.

Games .cz ( was unfortunate artificial intelligence unfortunately, Arcane has evolved the concept of the game and evolved into a variety of great actions. Inverse (Inverse) also left the comment called to play the rules of the genre, as well as plays a little more game, and the user to play a little more game.

The evaluation of push square is a bit more specific. Pushscare is filled with charisma and wit, and has its own sophisticated style. It is also impressive that it provides a constantly interesting experience through a time loop, said, The last PS game Although it may be, it is successful, he said.

Users also have positive responses. It is of course that the charm of the FPS is well-appointed, as well as a positive game play with unique weapons and psychiatric. In addition, almost all buildings have been implemented, and the fact that there is an element that can be explored in it, and the part where the game can be released in a variety of ways depending on the tendency, was also a good evaluation. is the reason why the medium as well as the media.

is the latest of Acein studios, known as the Disfaada series, and has received a lot of attention to the first time in E3 2019. The users will use the task of manipulating the assassin, exploring the island, exploring the island and removing the blackbeam, using the assassin to the time loop lost in the time loop.

was released as PS5 and PC and supports official Korean.


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