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Fable 4 and further announcement trailers were possibly not intended for your eyes. A halo developer now shares on Twitter, which is the actual sense behind many trailers and teasers.

For whom are announcement trailer made?

On no major games event, you may be missing: the big announcement trailers – best in CG – who at all nothing about the content or even the gameplay of the game betrayed. The fact that players often respond rather annoyed to such trailers seems to be completely no matter the game studios. But why? Do not these trailers do not serve each other Good to arrive at the consumer ? Seemingly not.

David Ellis, a halo-infinite developer, now reveals in a tweet that the cinema announcement trailers are often meant for something else: they should recruit potential workers:

I Wonder How Many People Realize Early (Often CG) Game Announcements Are Sometimes More about Recruiting People to Work on the Game Then Promoting The Game Itself.

  • David Over Yonder Ellis (@davidellis) September 12, 2021

I wonder how many people know that early (often in CG) game announcements sometimes more to focus on people who want to work on the game as to apply the game themselves.

So future employees should be shown what the game is about and how the mood should be . That’s why the teasers are usually pretty short and say little about their content.

On Halo Infinite, but also on games such as Fable 4, the Perfect Dark reboot or the recently antagonist Wolverine game, this is probably true.

Shadowverse Renascent Chronicles - UNLIMITED MEME WORKS
En short teaser you can watch again here:

Why are the teaser released then?

Jacqui Collins, worked in PR for video games, adds something interesting to that. It writes in your answer to the Tweet that companies make these recruitment teasers from a specific reason.

So you do not want journalists and journalists to come to the information and pictures and they LEAKEN. Developing and publishers want the leaks to accomplish the fact that they simply publish the material themselves. (Source: Twitter)

About the phenomenon with the unsaching teaser trailers Fallout developer obsidian has made fun of this year’s E3. En Selbstironic trailer to The Outer Worlds 2 you can see here:


Ouch! Fallout developer shows exactly why Game trailer are lame

After video game fans had to endure short and unsuspecting teaser trailers for years, a developer now clarifies: these trailers are not intended for you anyway! What you are using with this info now has to be left to you.


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