Pokemon Sword and Shield Dynamism is a projection

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In a recent game interview inform, it may have been revealed that Dynamaxing in epée and shield Pokemon may be just projections.

Earlier today, Game Inform has published a video interview with Pokemon sword and shield director Shigeru ohmori and producer Junichi Masuda. The video is very light and a little ironic. Ben Hanson of Game inform would pose a series of silly questions, including personal questions, such as the choice of Pokémon they get rid of and if they were sports fans.

There were no interviews in terms of new information. Ohmori and Masuda reiterate things already revealed or would not comment. Despite this, the interview is a fun watch. Ohmori and Masuda were better understood as game developers, and everyone in the video seemed to have had a good time. They sometimes laughed questions from Hanson and even answers given by Ohmori and Masuda.

Although the interview does not contain a lot of new information, Ohmori and Masuda revealed one thing, that they were not included in previous trailers. Épée and shield . Joe Merrick pointed out on his twitter; According to Ohmori and Masuda, the dynamaxing are projections.

So they just confirm that Pokémon do not really become big in Dynamax, but it’s just a projection. It’s interesting https://t.co/nzcsdps44

  • Joe Merrick (@JoeMerrick) October 2, 2019

Dynamaxing, with Gigantamax, is a new gameplay mechanism that will be introduced in épé and shield . They allow Pokémon to grow in giant size during the battle. In the Game Inform, Ohmori and Masuda interview explain the operation of Dynamaxing. Hanson asks if the Pokémon becomes physically huge during the dynamaxing or if it is only a projection. Ohmori says that Dynamaxing is a visual projection and that they are inside this projection.

This explanation has sown confusion in fans on the Internet. How can a projection cause harm if it is only a projection? It is possible that the way the question was asked and how subtitles have chosen to translate Ohmori’s response could complicate things, but the projections in Dynamaxing may not be the most description. precise what they are.

If they are projections, they are probably psychic projections, similar to how characters work around the world. Personnage Series. In the franchise personnage, the protagonist can appeal to his characters to fight with them in combat. It is possible that Dynamaxing will occur when Pokémon calls a giant version of themselves, similar to a projection. They enter their giant version as a driver enters a giant robot and do more than one with the projection.

This speculation, on my part, however; Until more details are revealed, all we know now is that Ohmori considers Dynamax as a projection.


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