To the east How to save your game

Toy Story is a side-scrolling system game launched by Disney Interactive Studios in 1995 for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo Enjoyment System, Game Child, and Microsoft Windows. It is based upon the movie of the very same name, and follows its story. The game was adhered to by a sequel based upon the second movie, called Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue.

Developed by PixPil and published by Chucklefish, Eastward is a magnificent and luxurious pixel game that follows the story of John and Sam, a man and a young woman who live underground and one day are on a trip to the world of the area. It is full of role elements, fun NPC and beautiful environments so that players explore and experience. It is also a pretty long game, so here is How to save your game in Eastward.

Save your game in Eastward

Each time you enter a new area or building, the automatic saving function of the game is activated and automatically saves your progress. You will know that this is happening when you see a small red square icon blinking in the lower right corner of the screen. Once the icon disappears, it means that your progress has been saved and it is safe to leave the game.

Open the menu by pressing the Menu button on Xbox or options on PlayStation, then navigate to the right end tab to access your system options. From there, simply select the Exit option to return to the title screen and you will be ready to start. The next time you start the game, you can start again immediately from where you left and continue your trip.

The disadvantage is that there is not really a way to have several saved files, which makes players who want to return to a certain point of history make it difficult. The good news is that Eastward is not exactly a game with many narrative branches and decisions that you should take, so you will not affect your progress too much.

In addition to depending solely on the automatic saving function, you can also interact with the refrigerators to save your game. Whenever you are in a dungeon, you can trip over a white refrigerator with which you can interact. This also serves as a checkpoint so that, if you die in battle, you will reappear from there and you can continue.

That’s all you need to know How to save your game in Eastward . Be sure to search luxurious pixel to get more tips and information about the game.

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