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Chuseok (Korean: 추석; Hanja: 秋夕; [tɕʰu.sʌk̚], essentially Fall eve , also known as hangawi (Hangul: 한가위; [han.ɡa.ɥi]; from antiquated Oriental for the terrific middle (of fall) ), is a major harvest celebration and also a three-day vacation in both North as well as South Korea commemorated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the moon. Like several other harvest events worldwide, it is held around the autumn equinox, i.e. at the actual end of summertime or in early fall. It is just one of the greatest traditional vacations.

As an event of the excellent harvest, Koreans visit their genealogical home towns and also share a banquet of Korean conventional food such as songpyeon (Oriental: 송편; Hanja: 松餠) and also rice white wines such as sindoju (Oriental: 신도주; Hanja: 新稻酒). and dongdongju (Korean: 동동주; Hanja: 浮蟻酒). There are 2 significant practices associated with Chuseok: Charye (Oriental: 차례; Hanja: 茶禮, forefather memorial solutions in your home, additionally called Jesa), and Seongmyo (Korean: 성묘; Hanja: 省墓, family members browse through to the ancestral graves), which is normally come with by Beolcho (Korean: 벌초; Hanja: 伐草, cleaning graves, getting rid of weeds around them).

I came to find a pleasant Chuseok holiday. This Chuseok holiday is from 18th to 22 days. Pretty long.

The holidays are to look for parents and relatives in their hometowns, but are not as easy as Corona 19 cities. Therefore, this holiday will have a lot of people who are relaxing at home. In the ‘House Cock’, the game is the best, and the Diamond Games gathered a new and abroad new Indie games released in September. / Disise game Kim Seung-joo reporter

Adventure with the best dangdang (?) Adventure

2D Flat Flatmer Game Developed for more than 5 years was released on September 16th.

is an indie game that raised $ 60,000 ($ 70 million) in Kickstarter. Florin, born between Goddess and Humans, is a story that invades the ‘Rosan Taka Island’. As a game that is not short in the development period, natural pixel art graphics and smooth motion stand out.

You can also use a variety of skills to use the ‘power of crimson’ and may help summon mystical fellow ‘dex’. Dex gives a variety of help on gameplay, such as breaking down the hard wall, baking or biting the enemy. According to the Steam Store page, For a boy like Flin, the best dangdits (dogs).

can be purchased at steam and support Hangul. You can also play with Xbox game passes.

of the emotion of .

We started the first development in 2015, September 16, in September 16, 2002, and , which is formally released through steam and Nintendo switches.

<Eastward is a game developed by Indie Developer ‘Pixpil’ located in Shanghai. RPG, which is the destruction of anxieties, which is destroyed by environmental pollution, and the story of a little girl that he has discovered in the district. The player must alternate with John and Sam, and unpacked the puzzle and goes to the dungeon.

Unfortunately, formal hunger is notified. However, I am also considering Hangul to develop in the developer, and the game description page of the Steam shop is currently translated into Korean.

Domestic 1 development Development eager Finally released on the formal!

Domestic 1 development game ‘Metallic Child’ was released on September 16th.

is a logicic action game that develops ‘studios HG’ in Korea and the crest is published by crest. The battle consists of nucleic & slash styles, and supports a variety of fostering factors, such as weapons, core acquisition, and boss skill acquisition with unique skills and performance.

It is noteworthy that all the ambassadors to the story of the immersive story are recorded. For example, the protagonist character ‘Lona’ was a voice actor, a paemon of the <Writer, and the priest of the Paimon, and the assistant robot ‘Edition’ was responsible for Kim Shin-woo, who played the God in .

It is also skilled to have been conducting various domestic and overseas indie games and collaboration. Game characters such as , , , and , which are familiar with domestic indie game fans, including Korean Virtual Creator ‘Saya’, appears to with a dedicated weapon.


How to name the game

How to name the game ?

(Laura La Lara) is a national indie mobile game on September 14th. Features that the core system of the PC loglite game is simplified by mobile.

The basic play method rolls the dice to move the map tile, breaks the trap, or it is strong through the battle with the enemy. As you can infer in the game title, the map varies every time, and everything is initialized when you die.

The battle is a manual turn off. A certain action point is given every turn, and it is possible to use the skill you own.

There is also a character fostering through skills and former ones. By winning the battle, you can get a skill point and invest in your skill you want. There is also a ‘former system’ that can be a job that can be a job that you want. It is a key to clearing a randomly changing map through the context and skill point distribution.

was officially released through Google Store on September 14. Play free and includes advertising in game and an app payment.

Return Princess and Gun Prison Escape

If your head writes puzzle games are attracted, is also noteworthy.

is a puzzle flat-former game that deals with conflicts and love of frog princess and cat articles. The princess that has changed to the wicked magic and the princess who has changed to the frog, and the cat knights to save this should escape the underground prison filled with each other.

To solve the puzzle, you must alternately manipulate two characters. The frog princess can be used to use the flock to hang on the wall, swallow the cat, and swallow it in the desired direction. The cat knight is long to increase her body, and it can go up, or block blocks.

Cyclical Story features. According to the steam store page description, A romantic story, a romantic story written by an experienced writer . Humor points such as frog princesses and cat articles that cooperate with each other to give each other.

was launched on September 12th and supports Korean as a domestic development game. Supports 55 stages, and the playlet is about 4 to 5 hours.


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