Battlefield 3 The last big milestone in the retrospect

There are moments, you feel suddenly quite nicely old. That can happen if you recently be siest or can not do anything with the latest internet trend. Video players also happen to happen. Namely, if you realize that a game already has two-digit annual figures on the hump, although it is just come out in your own memory.

Battlefield 3 (Buy Now 62.85 €) is such a case. The multiplayershooter has just just appeared in the editorial memory with us and we hit the blow while looking at the releasedatum. On October 25, 2021, the game celebrates its tenth birthday. This makes it on the border with our self-stuck retro area, but it is in it. That s why we do not want to discuss long, whether Battlefield 3 is already retro enough Oer not, but look at us what the game made so well at that time. After all, the game is today as one of the best offshoots of the series.

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  1. 1 time for a milestone
  2. 2 a graphic bomber special
  3. 3DAS Battlelog in the sights
  4. 4 levels, levels and even more levels
  5. 5The game convinces
  6. 6oh, Origin …
  7. 7The premium package

Time for a milestone

So around the year 2010, the genre of the ego shooter rather around so around. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare cleared the genre at that time, but was already a few years at this time. The series started slowly his annual releases, which made the quality rather decrease. On the other hand, Battlefield did not look much better. Then Bad Company 2 came and that was really good. Only sick at a few strange circumcisions. So you just found helicopters and no jets on the comparatively small cards. In addition, the motion repertoire was restricted because one could only kneel, but could not lie.

It was time for a big step and was announced in mid-2011. Just a year after Battlefield Bad Company 2, the next milestone came: Battlefield 3. At that time, this was the first right version jump after Part 2 from 2005 and what DICE has served us was almost too good to be true. A full battlefield package with modern setting, huge weapon soral and a huge fleet – now again with jets. But what ultimately all has blown away was the graphic.

A graphic bomber compare

With the destructible environment you could easily crumble house walls and behind it. Source: EA With the latest frost byte engine 2, DICE creates a jump that was indistinct then. Especially the liquid animations set the bar as high as never before. But even off the game looks fantastic. Straight outlevels packs the frostbyte engine in a detailed level on the screen that you have not yet known. The sound also sets standards. This led to great details, such as the sound delay. If you see an explosion in the distance, you hear you only a moment later.

Of course, convince the Krach-Bumm-Factor and the associated destruction. Introduced with Bad Company, the destructible environment is still the trademark of the series. When a wall is in the way, then it s just crospted away. However, you have to admit that Battlefield 3 goes down the degree of destruction slightly, compared to the predecessor Bad Company 2. In cities, such as Paris or Tehran you can crumble house facades, but whole houses are no longer possible. Nevertheless, the destruction is still impressive today and it is significant that Call of Duty advertises in 2021 with it, you can now shoot by wooden walls.

The Jet mission is still a pleasant memory for fans. Source: EA The graphics screw properly turned down Dice then in the singleplayer. Anyone who played the campaign then will remember the aircraft carrier scene. There you start under the deck of an aircraft carrier and is instructed by a colleague about the latest mission. In doing so, one runs transversely through the courses of the ship and finally comes to deck. The rain patters on one, but the sun breaks here and there through the cloud cover. You get into the jet, various system tests performs and picks up for an exciting air fight. That was fantastic staged and is still a highlight of the campaign today. Unfortunately, the story was a total of a mediocre call-of-duty singel player.

The Battlelog in the sights

In the Battlelog you can see your own statistics … Source: EA But who plays a battlefield at all for the single player campaign? The heart has always been the heart of the multiplayer series and Battlefield 3 is no exception. However, before you get into a multiplayer match, the path leads through the so-called Battlelog, a kind of social media for Battlefield players in the browser. You can watch statistics from yourself and friends, chat and choose a server and joines from there. Through the Battlelog, the main menu is rationalized in the game, so to speak. The only way into the game leads on the PC via the browser. That found the fans pretty stupid, which loudly excited about the Battlelog.

… and also join play. The replacement for the classic main menu. Source: EA There is no bad idea in the review, maybe just too early. It is quite practical not to hang all the time in the game menu. With the Battlelog you can finally choose a server and join it. While the game loads, the game stops in the background. So you do not have to rigid on a loading screen, but can still look a Youtube video, for example. This is quite comfortable, only the 2011 still saw many different and later the fans to appreciate the feature, namely as a DICE the Battlelog has sawed again.

With Battlefield 1 you started the Battlefield User Interface . This is again a classic main menu, from where you can start several serial parts. Whether this is better now everyone has to decide for themselves.

Levels, Levels and even more levels

Now we really come to the actual multiplayer. To start Battlefield 3, 9 cards with a maximum of 64 players come on a map. 5 Modi: Conquest, Rush, Squad-Rush, Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch.

The supplier also provides enemy tanks with C4 explosives. Source: EA As usual, Battlefield 3 sets a class system. There is the storm soldiers, which is quasi a medic with assault rifle and grenade. Then there s the supplier who shoots with heavy machine guns and distributes ammunition or C4 packages. The pioneer moves the tanks to the pellet either with the tank fist or the repair tool. The quartet fully makes the reconnaissance. Either sits up on the mountain with his sniper rifle. Maybe he is also a team player and rather comes to the front with his motion detector to warn his colleagues.

Neuties must be careful. Who starts from the beginning, looks quickly in the tube when he wants to pull the defibrillator, for example, as a storm soldier to revive teammates. He does not even have the gadget and there comes the level system into the game. Battlefield 3 has a triple level system with its own.

In the equipment menu, all kinds of gadgets are waiting for every class. Source: EA points are available for shots, support and most for the tasks. In Battlefield 3, more than before the abbreviation: PTFO! – Play The F Ing Objective! Finally, Battlefield is a team game and therefore there are most points for the flags to conquer or sharpening the bomb and not for achieving kills. If you get a level, wait for you new weapons or new clothes. Partly only with different color, but sometimes also with useful functions. For example, the flak jacket protects more than explosion damage.

But the fun does not stop there, because even the classes have their own level systems that unlock their class-specific weapons and gadgets. This then brings us back to the storm soldier, because the defi is only from the second level of the Medics. Finally, the weapons still own their own level. If you use a shooting fucking more often, your additional essays are free, such as laser pointers, TAC light or visors. Vehicles receive additional bonuses, such as smoke grenades or faster reload. In the Review A very uncomplicated system that has served with the Elder Scrolls effect. The class and the weapon you played a lot is automatically better.

Since the subsequent Battlefield games, one gets for the level ride only in-game currency, for which one can then buy new things in the weapons shop. But that is really a better system because it is supposed to be free and more comfortable or it was more likely to be a step towards the likewise integrated Battle Packs a.k.a. Lootboxes.

The game convinces

Depending on which weapon and which vehicle is preferably played, many improvements are free. Source: EA In addition to the level system, Battlefield 3 also convinces playfully. Of course, there was just a few balancing problems in the beginning, but the DICE was quite fast. That gave the way free for a slightly faster game, as former parts. Nevertheless, you can not run headlessly over the square, because the time to kill is shorter than it was used to it. So you end up quickly on the boards when you are careless.

In addition to the forcing on team tasks, the team play was reinforced. Tanks hold something more than a single pioneer can shoot. With the Sofam, the reconnaissance even has a locating device to which the pioneer could access the Javelin rocket. The maps also offer a lot of playgrounds that are remembered. Listening to Battlefield fans The name Operation Metro immediately come flashbacks of narrow corridors and tunnels. At Damavand Summit you have directly the parachute jump from the summit in mind. Not for nothing is something similar now on a new map of Battlefield 2042. The old BF3 card Caspian border gets even a real new edition in the latest representative portal mode.

Oh, Origin …

OUTSIDE THE MAP! | Battlefield 1 ( Hidden Spots )

The fans were so excited and the servers full for a long time. Everything in butter was with Battlefield 3 but not, but the big controversy and shitstorms were off the actual game. If we talk about just this title, then of course we have to talk about Origin, EAS own online service and Steam clone on the PC. To strengthen this, EA forced the players with Battlefield 3 to the platform. Who wanted to play the game, had to link and activate it on Origin with his account. That alone was annoying because there was another DRM client next to Steam and the Ubisoft Launcher, which one had to go to the calculator. With Origin, EA brought a shitstorm with DRM function on the market. Source: EA

The big surprise came when the first players installed the program on their PC. Suddenly reported messages from users whose virus scanner stopped at Origin. A look into the terms and conditions then called in Germany finally called the privacy to the plan, because obviously the terms and conditions had been translated only loosely from the English original.

That there is much laxer data protection laws in the US, as with us, is no secret and so Origin had quite appreciation, which would have made a browsing of the hard disk to certain data possible. In case of emergency, this would of course have been distracted by each German court in the air and so EA corrected the terms and conditions quite fast. Whether an Origin client at the end now really more than necessary data has sparked home is also controversial. More than grusel stories about working hard drives, while you do not do anything on the PC, then did not exist. Nevertheless, Origin had his reputation away and until today players with suspicion on the client.

The premium package

The second big excitement was able to turn EA into a positive or turn into a pill at least to swallow players: Battlefield Premium. At the start of Battlefield 3 EA opened the players of this new program. Over the period of the year after release, five DLC packs should appear. Each with new cards, new weapons and new game modes. They are also available individually, but with Battlefield Premium you all have in the sack and comes cheaper. Nevertheless, you have to lie down 50 € in addition to the main game.

The DLC Armored Kill should bring huge maps for the full arsenal of Battlefield 3. Unfortunately, he also brought bugs and a broken Rush mode with himself … Source: EA Da Da Runzelt 10 years later only the forehead, after all, the Season pass is completely normal today. At that time, the call for tackled content was still very big and the quality of the DLCs were also rather changeable. While Back to Karkand renewed old maps from Battlefield 2 and ensures well-known NostalgieLsLashs, Armored Kill ruined the complete Rush mode on his unbourden maps.

Nevertheless, Premium to Battlefield 5 has prevailed. Only there is a free live service On the one hand, because you have understood to tear out the player s base with such chargeable mappacks. On the other hand, you probably have seen that you can make more money with Battle Passes Ala Fortnite.

Despite all controversies, Battlefield 3 finally swung himself to the absolute fan darling. The servers were full and were even when EA wanted to refill two years later with Battlefield 4. That was in the beginning a violently unfinished pipe crepber, which was first patched clean only. Today, BF4 is even as at least equal to BF3. But even today you will find some full servers that swear the loyalty to the old Battlefield 3. Whether it s the Eternal Team Deathmatch server on Noshar channels or a round of rush on his crossing. Battlefield 3 is considered to be the last game of the series, which was quite mature from the beginning. We will see if Battlefield 2042 can return to this call. See all 12 pictures in the gallery The Jet mission is still a pleasant memory for fans. [Source: EA] From Carlo Siebenhuner editor 19.09.2021 at 10:00


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