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Valorant is a game of customs. If you want to be the best in the tactical FPS game of Riot Games, then your goal must be clear to your gameplay to the point and your mental impenetrability. It s a big job, and for most it is enough to simply be able to play a few games with friends casually.

However, if you read this manual, you are probably different. Maybe they were stubborn when climbing into the valorant ranks and are looking for something that gives them this extra advantage. Maybe you get into the macro and want to develop your mind. Or maybe you just have to lose full of losing target struggles and to evaluate duels negatively, and have to figure out how to better click on the heads.

Luckily for you, we have also thought about how we can get better with valorant – how can we finally write about competitive games, if we are not competitive? Here in this manual you will find all the insights we could collaborate, which you hopefully point to the right direction and help you to get better at Valorant.

Here you will learn how to get better in Valorant.

How to get better at valorant


There is no bigger hurry in valorant than collecting an ace. Eliminating the entire opposing team in the course of a round is the ultimate flex – but you have to meet your shots. At the moment this may seem like a desire to appear if you hardly act against one from round to round, but we have covered them.

The first thing you should do to optimize your goal is the right setting of the mouse sensitivity. While it is usually ideal to have a large surface for your mouse while choosing a lower sensitivity to ensure better ergonomics and smoother control, this depends on the situation you have and what you are pleasant to you is. Skillcapped has a great video as you set your sensitivity properly that you can see below.

If it came from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Valorant and your senses still do not get the way you want it, then look at our practical CS: Go-to-Valorant Sensitivity Converter.

The second thing you need to do before you fire even a vandal, your crosshairs should be set up. Here it is important to ensure that you have the crosshair with which you can easily find the heads of your opponents. Take a look at the starting point what the professionals use in our Valorant Fadenkross Settings Manual as a starting point, and then optimize them as needed.

So now you are ready to practice your goal, but how do you think it s best? Well, you can either use the exercise range of valorant or decide for an external solution. The exercise area is packed with a number of different challenges that can be set to different levels of difficulty to practice specific aspects of your goal. This video of Drzora is a solid example of this.

If you are looking for a little more finer – maybe your movements are weaker from right to the left than from left to right or you have bad habits that you need to correct – then Aim Lab is widely regarded as the gold standard for the target training tools. You can look at it at Steam right here.

Make sure you use one of these training tools to warm up for a reasonable time before you go to your first game of the day as part of a real warm-up regiment – you can thank us later if you have reached these five -k.


There is a wealth of information that will help you to develop your Valorant brain and over time to develop your mind. Here are some of the types of content we recommend to bring your game knowledge to the next level.

Professional games
Your own vods
Card leader
Specific agent guides

Of course, if you want to be the best, you also have to see the best. Although a large part of the macro game at high level in professional games does not apply to standard competitive games, your game will automatically get better if you are watching what top players are doing and thinking exactly why they do so. In addition, high-level games give you a basis for what can be regarded as the right and false ways to play valorant. If you can not track the games of the Valorant Champions Tour live ,, Rate Vods has a complete catalog.

But you should not just watch what others do, because you can learn a lot if you watch your own game. Even if the quality may not be as high as the professionals, watching your games can help you find out what you do properly to highlight these bad habits and other defects in your game and ultimately find out how to find the game next Let s play better. Hold a notebook or a Word document handy, so that you can rely on your thoughts later.

If you trench a bit deeper and learn all callouts on the valorant cards, your ability will communicate with your teammates, dramatically improved and described in more detail where the action takes place.

Finally, finding educational content in your preferred agent pool helps you get the most out of you. For example, Snapiex is a dedicated SOVA player who regularly experimented with new stations that do not even know the professionals. If you learn how to get the most out of the utility and cement the nastest stations, you are superior to any mirror match.

If you have not yet found out which agents you really want to devote yourself, then look at our list of Valorant agent levels to be inspired.

A last tip

Above all, stay well hydrated, maintain a healthy lifestyle and make many breaks. If you feel good mentally and physically, that will go down in your gameplay. Not for nothing the top teams attach great importance to their players take the right food, get a lot of sleep and drive sports regularly.

And so you should have everything you need to get better at Valorant. As with all in life, intelligent repetition is the key to a quick improvement. So not only practice hard, but practiced. See you in Radiant … or maybe Platinum.


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