Is the death cause piracy The end of the domestic Raiders gold era Hanchen Revelation

Piracy is an act of robbery or criminal physical violence by ship or boat-borne assaulters upon an additional ship or a coastal area, normally with the goal of stealing freight and also various other important products. Those who conduct acts of piracy are called pirates, while the dedicated ships that pirates use are called pirate ships. The earliest documented circumstances of piracy were in the 14th century BC, when the Sea Peoples, a team of ocean raiders, assaulted the ships of the Aegean and Mediterranean civilizations. Slim channels which channel delivery into predictable routes have actually lengthy developed opportunities for piracy, in addition to for privateering and also business raiding. Historic instances include the waters of Gibraltar, the Strait of Malacca, Madagascar, the Gulf of Aden, and also the English Network, whose geographical frameworks helped with pirate assaults. A land-based parallel is the ambushing of vacationers by outlaws and brigands in highways and mountain passes. Privateering uses comparable approaches to piracy, however the captain acts under orders of the state authorizing the capture of vendor ships coming from an enemy nation, making it a legitimate type of war-like activity by non-state actors.While the term can consist of acts devoted in the air, ashore (especially across national boundaries or about taking over as well as burglarizing a cars and truck or train), or in various other significant bodies of water or on a coast, in the online world, in addition to the fictional opportunity of area piracy, it typically refers to maritime piracy. It does not normally consist of criminal offenses dedicated against individuals taking a trip on the very same vessel as the wrongdoer (e.g. one guest swiping from others on the very same vessel). Piracy or pirating is the name of a specific crime under customary international legislation and also the name of a number of crimes under the municipal legislation of a number of states. In the early 21st century, seaborne piracy against transportation vessels remains a significant issue (with approximated globally losses of US$ 16 billion annually in 2004), especially in the waters between the Red Sea as well as Indian Ocean, off the Somali coast, and likewise in the Strait of Malacca and Singapore.
Today, pirates armed with automatic weapons, such as attack rifles, and maker weapons, explosives and also rocket pushed grenades use tiny motorboats to attack and also board ships, a strategy that makes use of the handful of crew participants on modern freight vessels and also transport ships. They likewise make use of larger vessels, known as flagship , to provide the smaller sized motorboats. The international neighborhood is facing lots of obstacles in bringing contemporary pirates to justice, as these attacks frequently take place in worldwide waters. Some nations have actually utilized their naval pressures to safeguard exclusive ships from pirate strikes and to go after pirates, and some private vessels utilize armed security personnel, high-pressure water cannons, or audio cannons to drive away boarders, and also make use of radar to prevent potential hazards.

Excluding the significance of resource collection, even if piracy does have the power to expand the cultural influence of the indirect effect, but can not completely sure therefore the value of piracy, even praise as the democratization of knowledge – this so-called resource content democratization , but 慷他人之慨 come. Mongolia suffered because of piracy creators, producers text, it really must be justified under the banner of pirated swallow, because plagiarism bear those losses caused by it?

destruction of piracy

piracy bring the most direct negative impact is hurt the interests of the original creators and related industrial chain.

The early 1960s and nine O ~ O’s, Japan experienced a cartoon pirate years for a long time in Taiwan. In the era of information does not flow, the reader does not know most of the hands of the comics from piracy, because obviously only Japanese comic book character but hard to feel awkward moniker Chinese name, which in turn is thought the authorities revival of Chinese culture the usual tactics of.

But in retrospect, that this pricing fifty-nine yuan teenager Express also included the Dragon Ball , Dragon Mystery, Seven laugh fist , Seven Little Fortunes ⋯⋯, there Shueisha serialization, there Shogakukan the serial number of a publishing house is completely not the same work gathered, there is Taiwan’s pirate publishers, self Japanese grafting of various popular works.

⋯⋯ Excluding timeless Pearl, younger readers may not be aware of other works mentioned above is what the hell: Dragon Mystery is Dragon Quest: Dai’s Great Adventure (DRAGON QUEST – and Dianaの big risk Medical Registration -, 1989-1996) is the old name – the new version of the movie from being played since the beginning of 2020; seven laugh fist Yes Ranma 1/2 (ra-n ma ½, 1987-1996); seven little Fortunes Anderson is charged (1951-) rainbow pepper (rainbow color-u-ra ga shi, 1990-1992) ⋯⋯.

Early and often unexplained or altered based on comic book title, perhaps piracy brings another level of injury. But compared with the original publishers premium has not been caused considerable economic losses, only the title changes can only be considered branches are window dressing.

It was not until nine O’s, gradually gaining awareness of copyright, in addition to government is a little attention to related issues, the Japanese side also because Hong Kong and Taiwan pirated comics too popular and started to pay attention, then turn piracy is genuine through signing authorization to 1992 Tong Li Publishing and Kodansha first sign of this Akira (manufactured by ki ra, 1982-1990) was marked the beginning, it opened the prelude Japanese manga authorized in Taiwan.

Press the Japanese side should obtain and earnings failed to get in the era of piracy, the amount of course is very alarming. But just as earlier, half of the twentieth century, Japanese comics, the local domestic market alone will have huge profits, and promote its development to become highly representative of national culture. They may therefore fishes pirated past history overseas eye, close one eye (and based on an earlier concept of copyright is not a sound legal environment for multinational study was to be responsible for the claim, and probably quite difficult piracy fait accompli), the use of re-establishing authorization way pipeline to expand export markets.

Japan’s move good physical comic, it still continued to thrive in storm piracy, but other cultural industries are not able to survive the test. One of the most regrettable, is Taiwan’s stand-alone computer Raiderss.

Not just the software on a home Raiders console, Taiwan nine O’s full cassette piracy, Pirates of the floppy disk and copy problems burning discs, computer Raiderss is the clamor. Among the crux of the problem may have two points:

First, when society in general do not yet have the concept of copyright, with petty mind, making the Raiders transcription, theft formed completely the norm, users are not even aware their behavior is the Pirates version; and buy legal copies of Raiderss players sometimes ridiculed: obviously you can get cheap Raiders from information company (computer printing studio) or tonics, why spend big money to buy boxed software?

Second, based on the early electric toys children play with normal point of view, the actual users of video Raiderss to young people of school age for the bulk, but it also happens to be the most ordinary people lack the economic capacity of the period, and most parents and when not electric understand why the Raiders so expensive, and thus indirectly the meager pocket money of the students into piracy – since the play to stuff like that, just different packaging, a relatively inexpensive Why buy expensive? Shop around one kind of psychological misplaced, remoteness or because the concept of copyright is not established justice delayed due .

Personal experience as an example, I did not pocket money, a student years ago after the millennium, is to rely on school lunch to save money to buy legal copies of the Raiders (error demonstration, do not learn!). Now with home console Raiders compared to 1600 ~ 2100 yuan price range, then -made computer Raiders pricing about 600 to 1,000 yuan, in fact, not expensive (but also to a thousand dollars, often what luxury limited Edition, there will be a lot of additional souvenirs and some did not). But burning a CD only $ 50, most people would choose pirated software, nor is Bunenglijie.

For example, wind and thunder group production, TGL issue of Guardian of the Sword II: Yigeliya Chapters (2000), has a fine arts performance ranks first among domestic same period of the Raiders, content rated mammoth giant system, thus offering an unprecedented spend five CD disc special edition priced impression as if about 800 yuan. And if someone burned buy, buy four get one CD, probably to 200 yuan killed it ⋯⋯.

However, even though piracy is rampant, much as the players look forward to the sequel, Guardian of the Sword II: Yigeliya of the chapter at the time still creating breakthrough sales of thousands of sets of medals. Leaving aside programs which optimize and terms of the Raiders, there are a lot criticized by others place, art design team and a single on the wind and thunder story script, even to the eyes now after two decades of view, it is still fascinating.

Is to the piracy, I think there is another Raiders company is worth mentioning that served as the backbone of Taiwan-made computer Raiders Huangjinshidai, and later had to be renamed acquired Soft-World, began to lose the stage Chinese Church.

Substantial loss of piracy

Han Tong International Information, had to 炎龙骑士团 series, Tiandi Jie series, lethal force series and other works famous. Soft-World Daewoo times in the past and the rogue party, Han Tong unique content to the Raiders, players also get a lot of loyal support, and a place in the local Raiders.

But because of its high degree of difficulty is often challenging design, as well as both bold and delicate mature temperament, then the lack of cute and too rigid art style that have made the Raiders although Han Tong ethnic group sought by the core, has always been difficult in public inter popularity. Adhere to self-creation route hardcore, plus many other big environmental impact of a series of events, Han Tong’s gone though people feel regret, after all, is no unexpected results.

At the end of Huangjinshidai, in fact, can then proceed with video Raiders companies to develop business in Taiwan, in fact, has been depleted. O’s transition from nine to twenty-first century, climate change is too great Raiders information industry too quickly. The first is the mainstream consumer PC operating environment from DOS into Windows, the computer is again visible range of upscaling, expand the scale of the standard Raiders, 3D image of the trend of rampant piracy, private Internet became popular and the rise of online Raiderss ⋯ ⋯.

Small companies such as Han Tong, each year only way to launch one or two models in the big Raiders, in the above-mentioned impact of each event are bound to generate substantial losses. Long-term adherence stand-alone Raiders Han Tong eventually be submerged under flood era MMORPG trend, also had to meet the market, get a 炎龙骑士团 Online: Gods Pact did not meet the company atonal works, the results ended in gloom . For enthusiasts, the impact of the end of the Chinese Church, and no less than the original SEGA denounce shock home Raiders hardware development.

Popular online Raiderss just the last straw, the real cause serious harm to the Chinese Church, in fact, should be led by piracy. Piracy not only in material terms Han Tong earnings impaired mental blow to their perhaps even greater: made painstaking texture unique Raiders, the result of consumers still prefer to buy pirated play it?

The high market share of piracy, not just speculation Naturally, the Chinese Church is too famous to actual cases have occurred can be corroborated, that is, Magic Sword quiet city recorded Raiders of this event oversold. .

In 2001, kalpa sequence spread – Magic Sword quiet city recorded (hereinafter referred to as the quiet city) come out. Images, music, sound, story, performance, system and challenging, intuitive performance standards of good in all aspects, both domestic RPG reaching rare heights. Today in seventh grade when asked about the players, the best of which Taiwan is a domestic computer Raiders, although the answer will be different opinions depending on the subjective consciousness, quiet town which is bound to occupy a certain percentage.

Few negative response is related to the difficulty of the puzzle is too high, and to gather the elements of true ending route too harsh. Basically, if there is no inquiry Raiders, normal play quiet city, is ‘impossible’ to enter the true ending route (just did not get the blood start to bead Spirit of God, we must re Wanla). In the home network and the broadband era has just started, the best way to get the Raiders magazine in addition to specific periods of the Raiders, the only official guidebook. As a result, the Raiders this quiet town is quite popular.

Han Tong shortcomings aside for the time being the first Raiders of hidden off / trigger condition is true ending, always designed to be too complicated. Raiders this quiet city in addition to the most critical condition real outcome analyzes, a lot of rich graphic content, as well as detailed data are so favored by the players. But it is interesting – quiet city guidebook sales was more than the Raiders body.

Raiders of the Raiders itself selling even better than the Raiders’, this is contrary to common sense strange one. The only reasonable explanation for this phenomenon is that: many people are coming in contact through the quiet town of pirated software. As for why these players play pirated, will go to buy legal copies of Raiders? In addition to the Raiders because the network environment and the information is not yet mature development, coupled with the Raiders this fact when relatively cheap (16 open full-color two three hundred 80 lbs thick paper one, you only sell less than four hundred yuan), but it is pirated uneconomical. So it happened this absurd tragedy.

Han Tong probably so the pirates hate. Every year – when God kalpa outer chapter atlas knot was released, the Raiders will be equipped when became popular, allowing users to genuine CD extremely unfriendly anti-theft program: StarForce. Official Trojans, damage CD-ROM drive, but obviously buy legal copies of Raiderss due to unknown reasons compatibility or can not perform ⋯⋯, how StarForce is notorious, already had too many discussions on the Internet . Even too much harm because it is known to be punished genuine players in the design.

On the results, the company was forced to spend this Raiders malware security, leading to the final players and manufacturers lose-lose situation : This is because manufacturers piracy, it means the use of such a theft, but did not in fact StarForce really effectively curb piracy software produced, but because of damage to information security and computer hardware itself on its operation, would have led to support genuine Raiders players lose confidence in the company, then no longer be spent on legitimate software.

Since then, the industry form a loop knot, and finally to the domestic stand-alone computer Raiderss overall decline, since the air over the corpse home, became dismal outcome of this history.

‘S NOTE: Han Tong’s behest

I’ll wait for Han Tong old players, seeing that many of its classic series unsustainable, no chance to see their creativity and texture in Raiders production, it is very regrettable. Fortunately or unfortunately, the former Han Tong major producers: Mr. Yeming Zhang, has not yet extinct rivers and lakes, with kalpa world, based on the creation of the Raiders – Pa sword Xiaoyun Lu is also making progress (slightly dystocia feeling?). Although the look PV , after the main fighting performance 3D visual technology, far better than in the past bitmap animation bold, but still let the old man Tang fans can not help but want to look forward to it.

In addition, another Chinese official authorized by the relevant hand tour: kalpa: quiet city Advent , also today (2021) in August in the Taiwan market. I did not swim opponents concept, but this for style and although a far cry from the past, after all, the public is more in line with contemporary standards of beauty, and the Raiders performance results apparently had intentions ⋯⋯.

Regardless of the old players or producer itself, perhaps just want to be pirated after the destruction of the world, through the continuation of the classic IP, recourse feelings of the past memories of it.

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