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The fourth and for the time being last part of the franchise is eleven years after the second part and brings the hero from the previous shares back to the screen. This time that does not have to prevail against assassins and gangsters, but against aliens. Unlike Spinoff Travis Strikes Again, which is played from a bird s eye view, No More Heroes 3 leads the traditions of the main series on the Nintendo Switch and Travis is again controlled from the third-person perspective.

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Hero or not hero, that s the question here

Once again, she slips into the role of Travis Touchdown, the hero of the first two parts and to save the earth, to defend the overpowering threat by an alieninvasion. How it came to, do you ask you? Twenty years ago, the young Damon helped a stranded, young alien to escape from our planet. This thanked Damon by providing him with special forces, which made an international economy magazine from the boy. Now the alien returns, now a prince of his breed, with a series of crumons on the earth and does not want less than humanity to subjugate. The only way to stop the invaders is to challenge and defeat them to a competition on life and death. And there is Travis Touchdown into the game.
The Decempt brings us quickly from A to B. The control is somewhat getting used to. If we have the slingshot under control, it makes it fun. Source: hero as already in the parts previously you have to fight by defeating opponents step by step to the top of the ranking, then challenge the final boss. Sylvia, the woman of our protagonist, prepares the fighting for you. You only have to scrape the fees for the respective competition. To do this, go with the deceptive, Travis new motorcycle, through the city and denies smaller battles or fulfills mini jobs. These can be found distributed to five areas connected by bridges.
The mini jobs that can not be different, ranges from more simple tasks such as toilets and turf mowing up to driving missions such as shooting giant allerators approaching the city over the coast. They are quite nice and halfway entertaining, but not really challenging. If you then have the necessary sum, you pay you at the machine and off the boss fight. Jackpot – in impressive full-armor mode, nobody introduces us. At the push of a button, we just blow the alien pressures! Source: hero Only a clean toilet can be used to store. That s why it always says: Ran to the Pumppel! Source: hero The locus in focus
Incidentally, toilets, writing her by properly aligning your controller and then shaken properly so that Travis swings the brush. And that will make you more often, because the Thunderbalken also act as a storage point. If you have freed the shit house of all impurities, you can save the game there. But do not worry if it s urgent. There is a toilet for cleaning and saving in front of each boss fight as well as in your motel.
Speaking of Motel, where you can also change your clothes or interact with your cat and play mini-games with her. A level further below are waiting to improve your own values ​​by training or challenge the bosses already defeated by time machine.

The minced meat hate-hating chopper

If this picture appears, this is a reason to joy, because then we have defeated the last opponent and thus mastered the level. Source: hero We do not want to stroke our time with cats or spend toilets scrub – after all, an alieninvasion waits to be stopped. So pure into the fighting. Equipped with the Beam Katana, Travis always fights on a small scene against a handful of opponents. It fills with successful attacks the so-called Tension Gauge to start longer and stronger combos. If you bring the life points of an opponent to zero, you switch it through a Death Blow . Here, the Joy-Con the Nintendo Switch is also used. It is swinging the controller in the direction of the beat to be performed to carry out it then.
Let s move both Joy-Cons from bottom to top, we spin the opponent over us. The control is innovative and works well. Source: hero has been putting an opponent to the death shock, you activate the Slash Reel , a display similar to a slot machine for three same symbols to the player s different bonuses. For example, you get more money in three cherries and at three stars you will be invincible for a short time. Or you will be put in Mustang Mode. In this, your Katana has unlimited energy. This is very helpful, because normally your Katana loses energy while working your opponent. If you are not lucky enough to be offset in Mustang fashion, there are two variants to load your Katana. The simplest method is to shake your controller properly to recharge it. Another way to get you if you sweep like a hailstorm over your opponent and brings you with countless swordshifts to stumble. If they have only stunned, you can grab them shortly and with a skilful wrestling throw to the ground. As with so many things, any logical context is missing here. Why a wrestling moving your Katana charges or you participate by a kill on a gambling is completely unclear, but it works and makes the fighting really entertaining. Also in the universe we have to defend the earth from nasty alien. In Full Armor Fashion, we shoot laser beam and rocket salvon at weak points. Source: hero

Game Over?

Yummy: Tasty sushi not only fills the stomach, it also brings us different bonuses. In Japanese games often leaks are available! Source: herospite all the cool possibilities in attack, you always have to be careful, because the aliens have a lot of tricks in stock. If you should not be careful the fight can be over faster than you love. Therefore, your eyes keep open to block attacks or at best. Because through a perfect evasive maneuver, you slows the time and makes your adversary more vulnerable.
So that the struggles do not only stress from dull stresses and dodges, Travis can rely on his special skills as Assassins and thus decided to fight their advantage – for example, a dropkick, thanks to their fast at the opponent and directly from the slippers skin, or in the case probably more. While the standard struggles run more or less always according to the same pattern, the developers have become more creative at the bossfights. Although there are boring variants, the majority is challenging and very varied. This definitely counts the boss fights to the highlights of the game.
Despite our warnings, you wait carelessly and your life points approach the Game Over, then it s time for a small sushi snack. These come in all sorts of shapes and colors therefore and offer you different bonuses together with the filling of the life bar. At the sushi cook of your trust you can cover for a few coins. Or you eat one of the large local menus. These give you even stronger bonuses that last a while. For the necessary change, we can unlock new skills with Travis and increase its values. Source: hero

Poppy backdrop is boring at the same time and Trist

The fighting in No More Heroes 3 (Buy Now 49.99 €) Feel good through the bank and go fluid from the hand. Even after several hours, we could not get enough of the mixture of normal and motion control of the Joy-Cons. The crazy bosses can also convince with their varied combat design at full line. The story that gives a sense to the whole rumgekloppe is partially staged very nice and gets its own charm through the funny characters. Often somewhat overdrawn and brutal – but overall quite entertaining.
The adventure is shown in a mix of different graphic styles. Unfortunately, this does not lead to the game really aesthetically nice to look at. At the times of a PlayStation 2 you certainly have not disturbed themselves, but nowadays this style is outdated and getting used to. Nonetheless, the style fits perfectly with the crazy world and the characters that rum streets in this. Only the Open World is really anything but beautiful. Missions are easy markings on the asphalt. People are all identical and otherwise the things to discover it is not worth the search. A waiver of an open game world would certainly have certainly.
The Action Adventure Hack-and-Slash Game No More Heroes 3 by Grasshoper Manufacture has been published on 27.08.21 for the Nintendo Switch.

My opinion


Groteskes artwork, is surprisingly good

If I did not play No More Heroes 3 in the face of the test, I would probably never have stirred it because of the particular graphic style. And that would have been a pity, because the game still has many strengths, especially in the point of combat system and boss fighting, to make it really entertaining. For those who stand on hack-and-slash games and have the desire for offspring ideas, I can warmly recommend No More Heroes 3 .

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