Planetside 2 update A New Player Experience

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Yesterday at 3:00 pm to Planetside 2, a serious update has a complete modification of the first contact with the game for new players. Everything from creating a character by tutorial, default equipment, first real player fight, to the quality of the game. Everything has been re-analyzed and accurately rebuilt.

So briefly and vague:

Completely rebuilt screens of form and form selection.
A new tutorial that has a task to enter a player in the base of the game and will help the player to affect the climate of the game, using simulated battles with NPC branches fighting among themselves.
Modified default initial player s equipment.
Adding graphic options for visually impaired. And many, much more!

Many other changes can be found on the game forum, here.

As you can see the best moment to start playing Planetside 2. If you have never had the opportunity, and I really recommend, you will not find a better Mmofps currently on the market, I invite you here.


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