XBOX Game Pass Strong ads to come

The Xbox Game Pass should soon receive strong ads , as the Microsoft Executive Vice-President has confirmed, Phil Spencer, during a recent interview.

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Spencer confirmed the rumor of Jeff Grubb of Venturebeat according to which information about the Xbox Game Pass would arrive in about 2-3 weeks.

If the plans have not changed after the abandonment of the Xbox 20/20 phrasing and the Halo Infinite delay, we should get these details by the end of August.

I would say that the positive for us, at once through the window of May and the summer [showcase] and the showcase of July, was the growing importance for us in Game Pass, said Spencer at Gary Whitta At the Animal Talking Twitch show.

It clearly indicated that Xbox Game Pass was considered the killer application with respect to the release date of the Xbox Series X, especially now that Halo Infinite will no longer be available on the first day.

It becomes a real decision maker for people who are both on our platform and for people who evaluate the Xbox Series X as a console for them, he said.

Our investment in Game Pass and this portfolio continues to be strong, said Spencer. We have other ads … really great, strong, coming on things … coming in Game Pass.

While Grubb first said that there would not be a game in particular, but now that Halo Infinite has been delayed, there is a chance that Microsoft can attract a big third triple-a production to the Game Pass to make it Even more attractive for customers. CyberPunk 2077 has been rumored for a while, but CD Projekt Red has since demystified.

Recently, the service has been updated to integrate the cloud game streaming platform project XCloud, which will be released on September 15, despite Apple s configuration limitations on its App Store.

It currently offers more than 200 games and all owners, including Microsoft Flight Simulator, Battletoads and Tell Me Why this month will arrive at the subscription from the first day.


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