Xbox Game Pass will lose five more games in September

Xbox Game Pass has just lost a handful of titles in the service just a few days ago, but as usual with the subscription platform, those losses will not stop soon. In fact, it has been confirmed that five more games that are currently available at Xbox Game Pass will leave the subscription platform before it ended the month of September.

Found in the Xbox Official website, a handful of titles have recently been added to the category coming out soon on the page of the Xbox Game Pass Library on site. Whenever games appear on this tab, it means that everyone will disappear in the next two weeks. Given that these five titles in question appeared on the Leaving page last week, it means that they should leave the subscription service during the last week of September.

As for what are the five games in question really, here is the full list:

Drake Hollow
Warhammer: Vermintide 2
Night in the forest

As usual with Xbox Game Pass, there is a small warning with these five games in question. In particular, not everyone will move away from Xbox Game Pass for the vertical console and PC. Instead, the console sets that will leave include drake hollow, night in the forest, ikenfell, and warhammer: Vermintide 2 . In the front of Xbox Game Pass for PC, the outputs include Drake Hollow, Kathy Rain, night in the forest , and ikenfell . As you can see, ikenfell, night in the forest , and drake hollow were currently available for both vertical, but Vermintide 2 and Kathy Rain only belonged to one or the other.

If you are upset by seeing that one of these five games leaves Xbox Game Pass, as a reminder, you can always buy them directly with a discount of 20% while still part of the platform. So, if you want to buy any of these titles, it may be convenient to do it before you leave Xbox Game Pass in the coming days.

Do you feel very good about any of these games that will soon leave Xbox Game Pass? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.


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