Here the first teaser of the Peacemaker series

Yesterday, during the Emmy Awards, HBO decided to share the first video glance at the peacemaker series, which will reach the streaming platform of this company next year. Here we can see Peacemaker, played by John Dinner, interact with some of the secondary characters of The Suicide Squad . The advance is very short, lasting only about 10 seconds , but this means that it does not lack much so that a trailer comes to light. Recall that Peacemaker s character became quite popular after his participation in The Suicide Squad . James Gunn, who also worked on the DCEU tape, is in charge of this project. This series will reach HBO Max at the beginning of 2022 . It will be interesting to see how it is that the adventures of this antiheroe are linked to the rest of this universe. On related topics, here is the first trailer for the hawkeye series. Via: HBO Max


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