Toem exam an easy to live photo adventure

Toem is probably the most relaxing and stress-free game I ve ever played, without any time constraint or anything that rushes you to move your buttocks. It s just a game where you are encouraged to stop and feel the flowers, and even better if you take them in a photo to commemorate your experience. By focusing on taking advantage of the moments and not rushing into life, Toem recalls that an excellent gaming experience can be as simple as a black and white cartoon adventure.

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Equipped with a camera and a backpack to store the objects and gifts you receive along the way, you go to the adventure to capture the beauty of the outside world. Everyone in the game is generous, easy to live and encouraging, and often funny in the best way. To travel to different places on your card, you will need to collect community stamps to take the bus for free. These buffers are given by random NPCs that load you with mini quests that involve using your camera and take a picture of what they want to see. It s not as simple as take a picture of a tree (although it s one of the requests), but it often involves helping other characters before being able to unlock a hidden area from from which you might need a photo.

short and sweet

A beautifully hand-drawn landscape filled with fantasy and wonder, Toem fully captures the magic of adventure in his work of simplistic art. The majority of the game focuses on taking pictures and visualization of the world through the goal of a camera, and sometimes the things you see may not be the same as those that appear on your photos. There are many characters to meet, photographs of collectible animals and achievements to unlock, and all this can be done in one session, in five sessions or as long as you like. Toem is to take advantage of the moment, not reach the end quickly.

Move your young protagonist is not difficult at all, and you can zoom and dezoom and adjust your camera as you please. Your character walks relatively quickly, and if you ever want to slow down, you can wear a pair of clogs that you receive from your hometown. Taking pictures is just as simple, with a button to take out your camera and another to take your picture. Finally, you will receive a tripod that you can install in a place, and you will be able to move in the area to trigger some events and easily take your photo into your hand. You can also zoom in and return your camera for a selfie if you wish; Although the angle is not very flattering, it s a nice way to capture a moment with your character.

Toem is a very relaxed experience, and you can make trips to you once you unlocked this destination. This allows you to finish secondary quests later, and some quests also require you to take pictures around the world to fulfill the conditions. You will meet a multitude of strange characters wherever you go, like chamois bear bearing sunglasses dancing on the EDM and a horn of random ice cream coating at the edge of the water. As long as you do not take the game seriously, you will spend a great time.

The worst about Toem is how great it is and how short it is. In a way, the duration of the game makes it less tiring because your main objective can be quickly achieved. Of course, the Toem is not so short because if you are a finalist, it can take a lot of time. It s hard to replay because you would know where things are hidden, but I m sure waiting for a few months before recovering it again would help replay.

We can not compiling toEem without mentioning his soundtrack, who sticks perfectly to the game. The sweet and simple melodies you play have put me in a good mood, and I can not say too much to what point I needed to play that with the sound activated. To be honest, this game would be muted, but the music raises even more experience.

Toem addresses all audiences. Everything, of its friendly nature to the ease of control, through cute characters and training air, Toem is flying in many ways. Although I wish it longer, part of me thinks that the short duration adds to the simplicity aspect and relaxation of the experiment. It was so inviting, especially during the days you want to do something easy and do not necessarily feel too much on the challenge, which makes me wish there is more content and areas to explore. Toem 2, maybe?


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