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Also, the Twitch Streamer Asmongold reports to the woman for fruit inworld of Warcraft. He is disappointed and annoyed.

With Patch 9.1.5, Blizzard takes a lot of changes to World of Warcraft. Not all of them affect only the gameplay, but some also change artistic aspects of the game. The latest exciters is the change of 2 portraits that are modified. While at least coarse as a HD variant could go through, a woman is replaced by fruit on the second image.

Even the big Twitch Streamer Asmongold expresses itself and has a clear opinion. For him, that s something you make for people with spiritual diseases .

This is the controversial change in WOW: In Patch 9.1.5, some pictures in World of Warcraft are changed, show pictures of women. A lady in red coat with a deep cutout is tightened clearly. Elsewhere, the image of a light-drawn, lying woman is completely replaced – namely against a picture of a fruit plate. That had already triggered great criticism in the community of Wow.

Who s Asmongold? Asmongold was the greatest streamer for Warkraft for a long time and now has a large community that is very interested in Wow, even if he is currently playing Final Fantasy XIV, to Blizzard Hat again under control .

He is therefore always on changes to WOW and on statements of the developers.

You do not play a fantasy game anymore, but a vehicle for ideal and moral goals

What did Asmongold said? A whole lot. Almost 20 minutes he dealt with the topic in his stream and had a lot to tell. He explained why he finds these changes pathetic why they are bad out of his point of view and why exactly something leads to a very strange picture of sexuality.

The way how to fix the problem with women is that they remove women from the game. […] But why am I so sad about it? I explain it to you:

If you see such changes in a game, then you do not play a fantasy game anymore. You play a game that is a vehicle for the ideal and moral goals of people creating the game. You do not play a fantasy game anymore. There is no deliberate suspension of disbelief more.

Thus, Asmongold refers to players like to dive into a fantasy world and enjoy them. However, this is no longer possible as soon as the ideals and views from the real world are transferred too much into the fantasy factory, so that the immersion breaks and you always have to think about the real incidents.

He then continues to lead that it almost hardly went to someone that such things are changed in the game. People want the staff to be treated fairly, they were not about pictures in the game. He explains:

The individual in the picture is not real. She is not exploited sexually. This is not a problem. Nobody is interested in this, except a few people with spiritual diseases, probably on Twitter. […] and the fact that the game is changed in a way to satisfy these people, removes us from a fantasy world .

Later, Asmongold still executes that he is now afraid of a kind of devil s circle developed here. There are now people at Blizzard who have to find such mistakes . The problem here is that these employees have to find mistakes again and again to justify their job. So these adjustments will be transferred to more and more details until you have a completely sterile world, which has nothing to do with a fantasy game at some point.

[…] They say quasi: not to cover, is bad in themselves. Because by subsequently took such a thing out of the game, they actually say: to bring the originally into the game, which has been bad or that has changed in the meantime, so wearing clothes in this style [as in the picture] is unacceptable. […]

If you want to do what you should have done? They would have left this picture and adding another one should be done by a guy who does not wear top part. They should have done them. This is how it makes Final Fantasy and everyone finds the okay.

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He then goes a few other changes, such as the Hearthstone incident at which Jina was attracted a little bit of pretensioners. Asmongold said sarcastic:

Operform there is nothing that expresses so very female empowerment as the women say that they can not wear certain clothes.

What do you think about Asmongold s opinion? Are you true of the streamer? Or do you have a completely different view on the topic?


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