Historic Games Awards Golden Joystick Awards at the 39th of the 50 years of the game

Although the historical game award Golden Joystick Awards followed by 1983, the 39th 2021 celebrates 50 years of the game and two special categories, ULTIMATE GAME OF ALL TIME Best Gaming Hardware of All Time has been clarified.

Daniel Dawkins, the game and movie content director, We invite us 50 years of game industry and Golden Joystick Awards to celebrate the game. November 1971 The world s first commercial video game Computer Space was first played as the first coin-type arcade game, and video games were played in exchange for money, and video games as commercial industries were born.

The 39th Golden Joystick Awards announces a list of nominations in early October and starts accepting voting, and the final winner will announce on November 23, Local Time. Further details of the new category are to be transmitted in the coming weeks.


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