This Adventure Game joins the Legend of Zelda and Short Hike with the joy of a child this is Lil Gator Game

What would happen if the Legend of Zelda would take away from the Great Villains and the calamities? I would stay Lil Gator Game, a cheerful and colorful adventure that drinks directly from games like Breath of the Wild and Short Hike, but with a much more relaxed proposal. In it, we embodied a little Cayman who lives all kinds of adventures imagined by the island to which he calls home, while he makes new friends and tries to reconnect with the older sister of him of him . Here there are no legendary heroes or ancestral evils, beyond those you want to imagine: only fun and pure childhood curiosity .

Developed by a debutant indie study, megawobble , the person in charge of publishing Lil Gator Game will be Playtonic Friends , the editorial branch of the creators of Yooka-Laylee. In his press release, Playtonic affirms that the game has been created around the idea of ​​an unusual exploration and a childhood joy that makes us live a story not about noble heroes that change the world, or antiheroes Renegados that discover evil in their actions, but of heroes that learn to be better friends without losing their golden heart.

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This translates into an open island to explore at our whim. A Giant Game Park , affirms the editor, where to scale, jump, plan and swing adventure as we make friends. We have talked a lot this year about what attracts us from the new projects, and everything is reduced to one thing – find games we would like to play , and that in many cases we would like to have been It happened to us! , Affirms Gavin Price, CEO of Playtonic , on his publication agreement with Lil Gator Game.

Share our love for the Gavin Price platform adventures, Playtonic That is just the case with megawobble and the incredible world they have created in Lil Gator Game, he continues. We were impressed since we saw their first gifs on the networks and just had the whole sense of the world to establish contact with them, it turns out that they are fans of the same great games as us, share our love for the adventures of Platforms, and we have decided to override.

Lil Gator Game is being developed for Nintendo Switch and PC , through Steam, although it seems that you still have a good time to get to our hands. According to its creators, the game will be available in 2022 , without first specifying the date. With a proposal focused on friendship, empathy and in a simple childhood fun when living new adventures, Lil Gator Game will be one of the games present at the Indie Land event on Saturday, September 25, as well as in the new Steam Next Fest October.


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