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A New Game Plus, likewise New Game+, (NG+) is an unlockable computer game setting offered in some video clip games that enables the gamer to begin a brand-new game after they finish it at the very least once, where certain attributes in NG+ not generally offered in a first playthrough are added, or where specific elements of the finished game affect the newly started game, such as maintaining in the new game items or experience obtained in the very first playthrough. New Game Plus is likewise called replay setting , remorting , difficulty setting , or New Game Ex . The category where they are most widespread is role-playing computer game.

Valve announced this Tuesday (21) The arrival of Operation Riptide to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The expansion package brings a series of new content and updates for the game, including new maps, skin and agents, changes on the Dust 2 map, the inclusion of a quick game with 16 rounds instead of the traditional 30, and the possibility to yield utilities. Like grenades, smoke, flashes and molotov cocktails to teammates, possibility that was previously restricted to arms.

The package is for sale in Steam for 12.75 euros. Check out all the changes that come with the new Great Update of FPS.

Changes on the map of Dust II and old adjustments

On the competitive side, change with the greatest impact was the small update of the Dust II map , the most popular CS: Go. Valve decided to reduce the visibility of the base of the terrorist equipment from the middle door, preventing the terrorist side can see the CTs passing towards the pump site B during the reappearance phase. It is sought that the map becomes more balanced with change and, consequently, is maintained among those used in the official CS: GO championships for a long time.

Deathmatch mode

The Deathmatch game mode, popular with occasional players, won two new styles: all against all and Team Deathmatch. In the case of all against everyone, the player will play only against all other people on the server and the one who ends with as many murder wins, while on teams it will be for the one to first reach the mark of 100 murders or finish the Game with more deaths.

Return from the Importurbes Shield to Casual

Another change that will affect casual parties is the return of the shield, that CT teams can use in hostage maps. The article was very popular in the days of CS 1.6 and will have another opportunity to shine in CS: Go Casual.

New maps

In total, five new maps arrive at CS: Go. Basalt and InSertion II will be available in competitive, casual and eliminatory game modes. Ravine and Extraction can be played in WingMan mode. Meanwhile, County will be exclusive Danger Zone mode.

New agents

CS: Go will also get 21 new agents, which are actually mere skins for the characters models of the terrorists and CT.

Weapons designs

Operation Riptide also brought to 17 new weapons designs, which are part of the operating boxes, in addition to the Mirage 2021 and Train 2021 collections.

Rapid games

From now on, players can choose to play quick games, with a maximum duration of 16 rounds instead of the 30 traditional ones. This means that to win a game in the new mode, you will only need to win 9 rounds instead of 16, as long as the two points of advantage are clear in relation to the opposing team. According to Valve, the expectation is that these games last, on average, 25 minutes.

Utility assignment

Traditionally, it was only possible to throw weapons to teammates in a bad economic situation, but now the functionality will also be expanded to grenades and other profits of the game such as Flashbangs, fumes and Molotov cocktails. Even so, each player can only take a maximum amount of four of these utilities per round.

Weapons improvements and nerfs

M4A1-S will now inflict more damage to the body.
Desert Eagle will now do less damage to the body.
Double berettas go down from price.

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