Osnabr ck s goalkeeper bold Then the Betze is quiet first

Six games without defeat (4/2/0), abroad in four games still unbeaten. Now it goes for Osnabrück to Kaiserslautern. We drive there to win. To live on our series, explained Scaring on Thursday. Knowing that the red devil could not yet be conquered at home in this season, even twelve times on Bayenberg have not been lost to the cross-season. They are very well, act as a team consolidated, the VFL coach praises the opponent who has delivered at the SC VER 2-0 a very good away game and also deserved .

And the purple whites? They could not really convince them against Meppen (1: 0). Such games occur. We are not dominating every game now, Kristering does not want to hang the game against the EMSL countries. After all, his team had worked again after a weakness phase in the game , in the end, in the end, it was also enough for the threesome.

Vlad and mama play at the game center for children

But with us it is also very loud, because we do not have afraid.

Philipp Kühn to the backdrop on Bayenberg

We do not have to be ashamed, Keeper said bold. Such games are there, because we have to pull the points. Hook, the focus is on Saturday. There is a great backdrop, an attractive opponent. This will be a beautiful task for us, says Kühn, Respect for the backdrop . But with us it is also very loud, we do not have afraid, said the VfL goalkeeper, especially since he has a very simple recipe for the corridor in the Palatinate: An early gate, then the Betze First of all.

Under-etch Osnabrück is the FCK, which has eight points less on the account and is not a place in front of the descent ranks. We are well advised to focus on the table. Whether Kaiserslautern is behind us now or before us, we do not care. Finally, it s just about pulling the game . Even then the betze will be quiet.


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