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China s Game Science is developing Action RPG Finding . Recently, Game Science, who changed the development tool with Unreal Engine (UE) 5, was interviewed with Epic Games. Epic Games released its homepage on its homepage, puenging the cavity of Game Science (Fengji), Zhao Wenyong (Zhao Wenyong).

First, the technical director of the Technical Director for the testimonial of the development engine to switch the development engine from UE4 to UE5, said, I have changed only a few APIs. I said, I was very smooth. Nanate is a performance optimization, lumen has introduced a new function of the light source in the game.

Recently switched to UE5 and released in the open trailer, the particle effects, such as traces, such as traces, have been greatly upgraded. This is made of VHM s Virtual Hite Field Mesh (VHM) of UE5. VHM is currently a current experimental stage, so it is still a problem to be resolved, but it was assessed that it is worth more research to study in the future.

Then, the request was UE5 early access to the UE5 to now because it has been migrated only in Windows (Windows) environment, It would be better to wait for a complete version to develop for other platforms.

For the background of the background, Puffa was unable to say that other countries have never heard of Western Europe. It was a decade of a 10 years ago, . And then, I made a natural action RPG based on natural stocks.

10 years ago Western-based theme 2.5D game means . This game that has been introduced in Korea for a while is a game that has been established in the game that made this game in the game developed by Quantum Studios developed by Quantum Studios. The game Science, established in 2014, made and <100 Heroes>.

Peng, said he referred to the Chinese classical novels such as , , , and , Still still want to give a deep impression to users with our innovative elements, the wind of the game Science.

According to an interview with IGN China, is aiming for launching in 2023. The game Science, who released a new trailer in about a year in August, is entering the game completeness to raise the game completion, and it will not disclose new information unless there is nothing to develop.


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