Steam Giving Game Away gratis durante 48 horas

Steam is giving away a game for free, but only for 48 hours. The game in question is not the last launch, nor a great AAA game, not even an indie favorite. It is not any of these things, but it is free, until 1:00 pm ET of September 27. The game in question is a small title of $ 3 nicknamed -winner of banana , which debuted in 2020 through the PetriHeart developer. We do not blame you if you have never heard about it, but apparently it is quite decent.

In Steam, the game has a very positive user review rating, with 84 percent of 54 users who think positively about the game. Whether negative or positive, almost all reviews mention the difficulty of the game, which apparently is by the clouds. That said, to be fair, the developer points out that the game is a really difficult game .

«Banana s obstacle is a platform jump challenge game, move up to collect mysterious crystals«, read in an official tone of the game. » An adventure that will require full control and domain of your jumping techniques. A game of extremely hard platforms full of banana monologues .

As always, once downloaded, the game is yours forever. In other words, this is not a free trial or a demonstration. It is an adequate free download that will remain in your library so you can reproduce as much as you want.

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