Wizards of the coast launches new aaa game studio working on Gi Joe Game

Wizards of the Coast has launched a new game studio, the first project being a game of action and adventures set in the Universe of GI Joe. Magi de la Costa has published several job offers related to a new game development study based in the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina. The Game Study is run by Veterans of the Industry of WB Games, the study behind the Hitman series and several of the Burciélago: arkham games. Although the new game study is a division of Wizards of the Coast, it will develop projects based on other Hasbro properties, such as Transformers, Micronauts, GI Joe and Oujia. The first of these projects is a game of action and adventures in the third person set in the Universe of GI Joe. According to the lists of works published on the Wizards of the Coast website, this project will use Unreal Engine and use both a body-to-body combat system as a shooting system.

Hasbro first announced plans to make the game development studio at the beginning of 2021 and even published a piece of conceptual art early for the GI Joe game. However, this is the first time we see public work offers about the Game Study and we receive confirmation that the first project in which I was working is this new GI Joe game.

As part of a reorganization of the largest company earlier this year, Hasbro placed Wizards of the Coast in charge of the digital game plans of the Corporation. Hasbro plans to develop more videogames based on its internal brands and Wizards has opened several new games studios in recent months to start working on these projects. Two of these studios is tuque games (which developed the dungeons & dragons: Dark Alliance Video Game) and Archetype Entertainment, which was formed by BioWare Studios veterans to develop new IP out of Calaboons and dragons and magic: The Gathering.

Obviously, it will take some years to see some of these games studies come out. However, you can consult the current job offers on the Wizards of the Coast website here. We will keep you informed about any new development or ad.


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