Marvel s Avengers puts date upon arrival of his superheroes to Xbox Game Pass

The birth of a trend is the seed of hundreds of products related to it. Something that has happened with Marvel s films that, since the appearance of characters such as Iron Man or Captain America at the cinema, has given birth to a great movement of movies and crossovers around Stan Lee comics. And, as it could not be otherwise, these stories have also come to the world of video game , a phenomenon that has been materialized in Marvel s Avengers, the Crystal Dynamics game centered in the superhero battles In just a few days it reaches the Xbox Game Pass ecosystem.

The arrival of Marvel s Avengers to Xbox Game Pass practically coincides with the first anniversary of the game A surprise news that has communicated Xbox through a publication on your blog. In short, the platform will give the opportunity to all Xbox Game Pass users to set on the skin of their favorite superhero and distribute cakes in an action experience that supports online cooperative with up to 4 players . A new addition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog that practically coincides with the first anniversary of the game , premiered on September 4, 2020.

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However, not everything stays in the normal edition of Marvel s Avengers, since the game will arrive at the Xbox platform with its last expansion , war for Wakanda. An extra tour in which, as expected, we can play with Black Panther , the King of Wakanda, on the lethal vibranium suit of him. Therefore, if you are users of Xbox Game Pass and you want to take you to the most popular characters of the last years of the cinema, keep in mind that you have available a lot of content for Marvel s Avengers.

The adventure of Iron Man, Captain America, the black widow and the rest of his companions will be available at Xbox Game Pass from September 30 , which becomes the perfect occasion to test the game before The arrival of Spider-Man , which will have its own history. If, on the other hand, you love superhero games, keep in mind that the next October 26 Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy will be released, so we have several months ahead to enjoy the superpowers of some characters of Marvel. Since, in this sense, in Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy we will only control Star Lord, a decision that, although limits the gameplay, has left room to create the rest of the characters.

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