If Oda Nobunaga adapts to modern society s compliance it will be Sibasawa Kow 40 years of video game efforts and next ambition Cutscenes

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When I was a child, my father was watching Nobunaga s ambition with Nasty Noboria was often seen.

The simulation is …… afraid that he likes the player who is familiar with Mario and Dragon Quest . It was something.

He attacks other warlords and welcomes or in progress, and aims to be a national unity. His father had emerged to Nobunaga s emotions, and it may be due to the intense work of the enterprise worked at that time and the environment that is unexpectedly weakened food. Those who think such a game should be created by a rough person like Oda Nobunaga. When I was that time I thought so.

Such a himself did not think that there was an opportunity to talk about the story of Koe Tecomo game Saeneral producer, who created a number of historical simulations, including Nobunaga s ambition .

I got such an opportunity, Game Spark is a new project Cutscenes who cooperates with the group Archipel, which does the documentary to the creator. This time, Mr. Sibasawa and Archipel have an accurate interview, why the Game Spark side author is somewhat nervous and the story that is tense and the story, as if it is a kid s answer. rice field.

Ambition of Tenka Unification, more game Tenka Taei

Now-Corphan River ( Cae Sawa s real name. Cae Tecmo Holdings Representative Director, President Corp., Chang River Yoichi), please wait a minute. While the public relations will explain so that the interviewer is explained, the authors I remembered the image of Mr. Sibu Sawa.

Nobunaga, what the game I made was the best in history, and what if I think that other games do not work out? No, certainly, in the NES boom at the time, there was a soft software that has been tested as an action game that causes a shot, but it is another story.

While thinking about such a thing, Mr. Sibu Sawa visited the room. Nobunaga liked the flashy costume of southern Barbaries, but Mr. Sibu Sawa was a stupid set. He gave me a good idea in a beautiful stood, which was put together in the sky color, and he has greeted it with a beautiful standing figure that he was stretched.

No, if you actually talk about the story, isn t it a word like the Otomen of the Sengoku period come out? However, such a thought also breaks up easily.

What is the game you played recently? The Siev Sawa answered immediately for the interviewer question. First Cyberpunk 2077 . It was very interesting. Then it is GHOST OF TSUSHIMA .

Do you check the title of Poland s acupuncture company to visit the enemy? This two games have done until the end. Cyberpunk 2077 did 275 hours. Ghost of Tsushima did all the sub events. Siev Sawa says lightly. This two have done a lot of embedded

Mr Siev Sawa responds to fun. Yes, there was a spirit of Taizhei Taizhei, which enjoys video games, which is honestly enjoyed video game rather than ambition that wants to unify the game industry.

It does not change when playing your own game. I m going to play at the best private time now, Mikuni, Road . Play from 5 o clock in the morning, play lunch break, so I m playing before sleeping at night … …

Moreover, it is not a player. While approximately 5,6000 people are playing in one server I am the third stronger

Apparently Savi Sawa is not aware that the warlord is not checked as if the warlords should look at his subordinates. Once at Koe Techmo official site, Hiohi 2 has been written I m proud of the play time of internal No. 1 and it seems to be real.

If you talk about the story from Mr. Sibu Sawa, you can see the impression that you will be far from the sixth heavenly Demon King. While having been 40 years as a creator and creating a variety of titles, I was able to experience various games, and I enjoyed the diverse evolution of the video game near the half century.

I want to play with funny games, I want to make funny games It is not strange The mind as a gamer is always as it is to the root. There was a spirit of Taizhi Tenka.

The way of a new life could be seen as the light of the sun was given. A hobby game is creating a way to expand to the Lord of One Castle

The spirit of Tenshira Taei continues to date, maybe that Mr. Sibu Sawa has started to invite the game, The game making the game first and hobby may be large.

Originally, I m not going to enter the game industry, Mr Siev Sawa got on the game development when I entered the 30s, and it was the 1980s. Speaking of 80s, Japan s game industry is popular and is the eve before trying to grow into a large industry.

However, the beginning of the 80 s may have been calm yet. Since the 90 s, it is called the game hard war, and if various famous companies, including Sony and Microsoft begin to enter a full-fledged industry, Mr. Sibasawa has started to create a game. The reason for making the game is pure. rice field.

I was a hobby, I was doing a PC program It is difficult to imagine, but it was difficult to merge the company as Koei Tecmo Games, and Mei was a whollyen of dye industry chemicals. First of all, Mr Sava creates software such as internal financial relationships and used to streamline management.

However, my hobby PC will make a big opportunity to change the emergency business. I felt that I did not have only 100% of what I wanted to do in the company. I finished my job and played a game myself at night.

At first, I had a game program by myself and I was fitted until I played myself. While continuing to develop, we will reach the theme that represents Mr. Sibu Sawa. I made a very funny game with a theme of history.

The idea of ​​Mr. Sibu Sawa came up with that funny game. I thought it would have been a person who wants to play a game with a history of history in the same age as myself.

That thinking that she thinks is a game that has been produced and sells. The software was hit by Sibasawa s imagination. That is his virgin work Battle of Kawakanjima .

If I was thinking that someone would enjoy, I received a lot of envelopes with cash. There were many people who were waiting for the history game in Japan.

Battle of Kawakanjima was revenue that exceeded the honored main business of the time, and there was a lot of hobbies connected to the company s business. After that, it is said that Mr. Sibu Sawa says Battle of Kawakano Island .

After all it is starting. My hobbies became main business, I felt like the sunshine was given to the way of a new life

By the hit of Battle of Kawakanojima , Mr. Sibu Sawa pursues simulation to enjoy the IF of history . The Nobunaga s ambition , which is the theme of Oda Nobunaga that is the most favorite warlord, the honor will further expand the scale.

Here we recognize that the emergeness from the game fan is a male that handles historical simulation, and there was a demand for I would like that s to . That was Mikuni .

Mikuni was famous for the novel of Yoshikawa Eiji and Yokoyama Mitsubo, and I want to play as a game theme for myself.

In this way, as a manufacturer that takes up a two era IF as a game in the history of Japan s Sengoku Era and China s three-country period, it is a maker that takes up as a game as a game.

Hobby from the hobbies, to warlords. Technical system for winning in each era

In the 80 s, based on the foundation built by history simulation such as Nobunaga s ambition and Mikuni , Cae Tecmo has sent out the work adapted to each era in the video game world that changes intensifying .

When I entered the 2000s since the 1990s, Video games have been developed as a hobby if you can enter the industry as it is, has been eliminated in the past. Nintendo, Sega, and Sony et al. Present a game hard war representative, and it will be a masterpiece period.

Mr. Sibu Sawa said that he emphasized to enhance its technology to meet the Sengoku period of the video game industry.

After the first time the first Nobunaga s ambition was released on a PC, it was trying to transplant the NES, but it would have been about 5 years without being successful. Mr Siev Sawa focused on enriching its technology based on such experience.

After all, if there is no technological power, you can not play with many game fans, Mr. Civ Sawa solidifies the policy to enhance the base technology in making a video game. From that mouth, how it has changed from hobbies to the spirit of warlords.

If you have not mastered the base technology, it was clearly recognized when you lose the competition from now on. Started and started to study your own game engine.

I was thinking of making a so-called game framework. That s more and more and more and more. Simulation Research Institute The name changes and the name changes, and now, Future Tech Base We are making a technology base for the future.

Currently, 70 staff develops their own game engines. Mr. Sibu Sawa said that there was such a system, and he told me that the Musou series and Hito series and history simulation games can be launched simultaneously on the multi-platform worldwide.

We recognize that its technical power is one big element to win in the game business, and will continue to strengthen more and more.

He is thinking about the development of the future technologies in the future goals of Koei Tecmo. How do you handle multiplayer games with 5 g? How do you involve the expression of VR and AR that continues to be created now? It seems to support these thens.

He is his wife and spreads the company with Keiko Keiko, a chairman

Although the time has been back and forth, there was a sense that the image to the company has changed since I stepped into the head office in Koe Tecmo head office.

The author has imagined as the country of Owani, which Nobunaga cats, until elementary school students to junior high school students. It s an overwhelming maleist company, and by engaging in developing our employees in a preliminary public, it s not a high score in the cross review of a paper … It is of course too much Even so, there was no mood that tends to be in the game company.

When entering in-house, it will be turned down from the appearance of a contemporary building, and it spreads with an interior like an Art House in the 60 s. Art works such as drawing and print in the hallway and room are decorated, and among French painters, Maurice Utrilo works.

From the in-house calm layout, there was a liberalized atmosphere. The person who instructed these layouts is the President of Cae Tecmo Holdings Mr. Keiko Rieko (hereinafter referred to as Keiko). Yes, Koei Tecmo is famous as a game company that is very small in Japan, and a female representative.

Mr. Keiko is not involved in management from the beginning. An honor happened at the beginning of the game development. She was in charge of the artwork of Mr. Shibusawa s game.

Visuals in the game, opening, characters, backgrounds, commercial designs, etc. are held. If she didn t have her, she thought that she became awful computer graphics and package (Laughs)

Even in the Battle of Kawakanojima of her virgin work, Keiko Kakugawa has designed a jacket with her learned her technology at Tama Art University Design. If Mr. Sibasawa performs a game design that will be the trunk and root of the tree, it can be said that Mr. Keiko Kakawa has colored flowers and leaves at the art plane.

Thanks to you, Mr. Corner River does not stay in the art, and exhibits the presence of Cae Tecomo. It will grow in the domestic game industry to a woman who works with the top to work.

Moreover, her activity is diverse. Not not depositing the game business, not depositing the bank, but investment in stock markets and bonds, and it is a new probe source, Shibu Sawa said so . In fact, investment financial information paper operated by Nippon Keizai Shimbun, Nikkei Veritas is a topics of unique investment, so he interviewed Keiko Keiko.

Cae Tecmo Games has such an investment profit and benefit as well as the main business and is a surprising settlement. Mr. Keiko Changawa has just overwhelmed the original art plane, and until now, he became strongly solidified.

She has also recognizes she who has a Cae Tecomo Games today. If there was no such cooperative, her honor as a game software company, and after that, you can clearly identify Cae Tecmo Games.

The work of the family is happy . Cae Tecmo Games

I feel very strong from my experience that there is actually the cooperation of my family and can be achieved for the first time.

Mr. Sibu Sawa says so about private and work, including her Keiko. The stance is connected to Cae Tecmo s company. It seems to be preceded by the situation where the way of working is to be told.

She has become an adult and came to cover the game industry as a writer, and she loses something like Game Sengoku Era as she was able to do my best. …… If you seemed to repeat the actual coverage, the game industry will still be viewed at a domestic and overseas company that is working on development as in the Sengoku period.

For example, the staff who pours the development for development at the expense of private sacrifice at the expense of the game development, which is called crunch , and it seems to be in the middle of the battlefield. Including non-Dogs famous for the The Last of US series, crunches are being broken in the industry. Developing companies from around the world will be aware that it is a warring period that raises the average score of Metacritic by driving the staff.

At the same time, the staff can leave the company from the company. However, in Cae Tecmo Games, according to the interview with Keiko Changawa at the official site, at least the entire information and communication industry, including the domestic game industry, is a total of 11.4% after joining 11.4%, 2020 At the moment, the company s numbers are stopping 3.1%. There will be no doubt that the handling welfare system such as the enhancement of childcare leave system also contributes.

Because I started my honor, I will do my best about my favorite things, I m going to do my hominator s happiness, and I will drive to myself. That point is the same for executives and employees in the company I m always talking about, there was an ideal idea to aim for a future company.

Create a game for over 40 years, and now interesting is Story

I have seen a figure that I tried to get a distance as much as possible from the Sengoku period that the game industry falls from Mr. Sibasawa. However, the fact that he has continued to be a gamer before the 70s, is now a gamer before it is a manager or a creator.

Because I love the game … I m playing in the game if I have time. I want to move my body on Saturday and Sunday, so I have a golf. Since there is 18 holes, about 10 km away. Sports Is that much.

Moreover, from her narrative mouth, it is not a check of her rival company, and there is no sign of studying the trading trend at all.

The free time is almost games, reading the manga, watching anime, watching movies and dramas on Netflix … Well, 7,80% is playing games. Various in Youtube. It is also interesting to watch the game explaining the game, and it is also interesting to win with a genius game player s super skill.

This is not the 20 s or 30 s gamer, but is a top of the top of the leading large companies in Japan. Since I start making video games as a hobby, I can not change the mind that I enjoy it.

In the 40-year-rich relationship to such a video game, I tried to see what Shibu Sawa is interested as an idea of ​​the game.

I have created various game genres, but I am interested in the story recently. Ghost of Tsushima and Cyberpunk 2077 and Cyberpunk 2077 were also wonderful. That story I m thinking about how to make a very attractive game

Mr Siev Sawa has recently raised the Nio series in the work focused on the elements of the story. It was a title that has been a 12-year release from the original announcement, but it was a title that has been a twist, but it was impressive that it took a story, but it was impressive.

The story was finished in a fantasy of a heavy warring country based on the history of Japan. It takes 12 years, so I brushed the story. The player is not only simply fighting, but along the story Let s enjoy in the form. I felt that I was able to feel interesting directly with the story, so I felt that Important.

Niho was not only in the internal scenario sector, but also for scriptwriters and novelists, and it seems to have polished. Mr Siev Sawa felt the importance of the story in the video game while experiencing such a process.

As a result, Fire Emblem Wind Flower Snow Month developed by the fans and acclaimed the story with great acclaimed and metacritic. Also praised the story from the American game fans Because Cae Tecmo Games tends to be simulation and action companies, I think that I would like to know that it has been focused on the story recently.

No, I still had Nobunaga

Cae Tecmo I already tried to expand the future of Games. For example, is there a title such as Zirol and Taizeru Shiden again?

I think. 20 years ago, remake and reboot the popular games 30 years ago and reboot. Monster Farm is also popular with smartphones and Nintendose switches Is re-bleed, and it is started with various sectors that revive in such forms. So, I think that the possibility of Zirol is not 0 so you do not think that it is not 0.

In addition, in recent years, the titles jointly collaborated with other companies are also increasing. In addition to the Apocalypse of Zelda Muso Mitsu , which has been parted as Nintendo, the development of Square OF Paradise Final Fantasy Origin (hereinafter referred to as FF Origin) has been announced recently. Do you continue these collaborations from now on?

I think more and more. It is said that Square Enix announced by Square Enix in E3 of 2021, utilizes the hard-time game structure cultivated in Niho I think that the opportunity to make new IP with other companies in that company will increase more and more, and we will actively collaborate with our Musou series, simulation games, and RPG of Gusto It s a schedule

We talked widely from Mr. Sibu Sawa, and the company s image like the old Sengoku period, which I was looking for when I was a kid, was completely scared. On the contrary, the possibility of the future is rather present, from the company s way to the way of gamers.

Yes, I thought that I was thinking of the author s appearance while being scared behind his father s back of his father who played Nobunaga s ambition , was a person who should have been distant from Oda Nobunaga … after conclusion It is. When I asked the last question target as a manager , I was not able to go away, and the image of Nobunaga was back again .

Is it a goal as a management person. Since it is a long-term vision of the Cae Tecomo group that will become the Digital Entertainment Company of the World Number 1, it is my dream to realize that vision.

Yes, the purpose of the company is to take the world. Currently, the ranking of the digital entertainment department of the game company listed worldwide is 23th. I will do my best to enter the best 20, and then aim at the best 10. To do that, Niho exceeded 3 million besons, so I want to realize more than 5 million titles.

There was a certain ambition in the polite language. The author changed his ideas at the end of the interview. What is here is Nobunaga adapted to the modern times. If Oda Nobunaga protects the compliance of modern society The hypothesis was in front of you.

The latest work that Mr. Sibu Sawa handles is Nobunaga s ambition and new student . About this work, Mr. Sibu Sawa said to the point of making it.

I would like to use AI more. I want to reproduce a lively warrantle period, not a warlords on the data, I want to express the warlords that I live by AI, the spirit as a gamer And ambitions that the manager s minds are mixed, they continue without degrading.


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