New World Review Old Wine in a new bottle

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Review a new MMORPG, it s a bit like sending a postcard home after your first week at the camp. Dear Mom and Dad, it s nice, the landscape is beautiful, but I do not know if I love it here. The food is a bit odd and you have to queue for everything. Oh, and we must do the crane of craftsmanship. It takes days or weeks to really know the place, and the first impressions are not reliable substitutes for long-term opinions.

With a mmo, it s easy to talk about mechanics, graphics or history, but know if the game resonates with a particular person is complicated and can change over time as it goes from the beginner at the end of the game and beyond. All critics of MMORPG are essentially in progress because the games themselves are always in progress . These are a lot of qualifiers, but after putting them aside, it is always possible to have a fairly clear idea of ​​what New World is, what it tries to do and perhaps the type of player he woos.

New World was officially launched on September 28 after more than four years of development and encountered an overwhelming number of players trying to register, ridiculously long wait queues and full-capacity servers. My experience – certainly, one person on hundreds of thousands – was quite the opposite. I never had to wait over a minute or two and, in most cases, I immediately acceded to the game. I had no problem of disconnection, offset or latency. NEW WORLD is not a subscription mmorpg, so at least there is not quite the same time pressure to have to play some time to feel justified to pay the monthly fees. There is, however, a fund, although currently all items for sale are cosmetics.

The principle of the story of New World is quite simple: you play a wrecked pirate adventurer who came to the island of Aeternum in search of a treasure. You wake up on the beach (your starting area is random) with the rags on the back and nothing more. You create a character from a selection of options unfortunately limited and start exploring, meeting quest donor NPCs and to make your way more deeply in the environment and the campaign in the main story. You discover supernatural corruption that has impregnated the world and many of its inhabitants and you start finding and making weapons. You join one of the three factions and start learning more about the PVP aspects of the game and the way the factions are fighting for the control of the territory on the island, why is it important and how much do you want you to imply. You spend a lot of time gathering materials and manufacture, because if you want better equipment, you or another player must do it. There are no sellers of NPCs. The main campaign told in the dropper and through quests is not really worthy of attention in his drama, his characters or his writing.

New World takes place in a version of magic reality of the 17th century European (somehow), so powder weapons exist alongside blade war instruments and mages use chopsticks and sticks to launch their magic. On the architectural level, New World uses a global village approach for design, each region of the island reflecting different biomes and cultures. This is not a game of high fantasy with several breeds, and there are no starting classes, which means potentially create a mix-and-match character to your liking. However, reality is a little different because thanks to the game attribute system and how weapon skills are improved, the most efficient construction is, as well as in a game with traditional classes, a construction well defined and specialized in a particular weapon. or magical. It is not that the development of the character is bad or broken, it is simply not as flexible as it seems at first.

The fight itself is usually fun, focused on the action and not limited to the controls of the shortcut bar as in some mmo. Because it is inspired by the action RPGs, players must block, dodge, pare and timer their attacks correctly, and the positioning has an impact on success. All weapons can be effective with good skills and applied attributes, and magic is neither mastered nor weak. As a general rule, enemies – whether they are human, animals or supernatural – adapt quite well to the requirements of the campaign, although there are groups of enemies that can easily overcome the solo player and suggest that these situations are better managed with a group. From approximately level, players can join shipments, mainly 5-player dungeons who reuse many of the same enemies and resources as the campaign. The maximum level of New World is currently 60, but one of the things that the game is extremely good is to reward the player for his progress, no matter what he does.

Much more than in the dull countryside, New World shines with its opportunities for PVP ravages, with battles based on factions and territories and wars 50V50. New World has a player-oriented economy in which players must manufacture their own equipment, gain it through quests or get it from others in the commercial countertops. Player-oriented economies and auction houses have had an uneven history in MMOs, so only time will tell us how it works. A significant amount of time in the game is dedicated to agriculture for materials and crafts, and although it can be a relaxing way to spend time, the problem of the first days of hundreds of players doing exactly the same thing In the same place removes some of the pleasure of the process. It s easy to imagine a solo player investing enormously in creating a craft-based character that does nothing else.

If so far everything seems very familiar, well, you re right. The largest asset and the largest handicap from New World is that it relies very strongly on traditional MMORPG mechanisms (in some cases, abandoned for a long time) and that it does not try to innovate. Most of the same relatively late quests in the campaign are agriculture and recovery quests of one type or another, regardless of the type of dressing based on the story that is superimposed. It s comforting, familiar, addictive and easy to access, but no one will accuse New World for having innovated in his gameplay or his mission design.

Aeterum is a beautiful place to explore, thanks to Amazon Games Lumberyard Graphics Engine. Lighting, scenic elements, foliage, spells and combat effects all look great and there is almost no pop-in or framérate despite the densely populated landscape of players, NPCs and enemies. Writing and dubbing are not remarkable, just like the faces of the characters, but the audio and music of the game environment are exceptional. In terms of artistic design, the varied cultural regions of the game are distinctive and detailed, but New World also looks like a slightly decisive handbag of historical and random fantastic aesthetics that contradict the general period, as it is.

From the moment I started my trip to the new world, I felt that outside the world and the specific history, I had been here and I had done it several times before, in Many other mmo. That said, New World does these familiar things with a lot of skill. He looks great and controls well, with the mouse and the keyboard, or with the controller slightly less optimized. The survival mechanics and crafts are essential elements and not secondary concerts, but fortunately, they are engaging and superimposed with depth. New World rewards the player for just about everything, all the time, and there is always something to do, whether fighting, agriculture or exploration and quests. It is accessible to solo players and includes PVP and Coop communities with a lot of content. All MMORPGs are by setting important time commitments, so if New World can hold your long-term attention is probably a function of your expectations, and if you connect with what the game has to offer. NEW WORLD will probably never surprise you, but it will not disappoint you either.


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